We are a family of six (four teens) that share one bathroom

As the children get older, it’s getting more challenging as everyone has their own toiletries. I’ve slowly been going through the entire house and spring cleaning every cupboard/drawer in every room. Then I’ve been trying to optimise the space. I haven’t done this level of spring cleaning for years so it was a big job. I find it best to just pull everything out — and it gets much worse before it gets better.

In the bathroom, instead of having copious items in the shower (which I end up mostly/always cleaning), I’ve decided to try and run the bathroom more like a communal room in a share house (which it kind of has become). So in the actual shower, there’s only basic shampoo and body wash. Then we bought this Easy-Build shelving from Howards Storage World for the bathroom.

We have three of these now in different sizes, and they are excellent! They are not cheap but we find it’s worth spending the money on the shelving because they last so well. The black baskets are called Mosaic Tubs and they are from Kmart (they come in white/black and in various sizes). The idea is I have a small basket for each person, that will have their own toiletries (eg shaver, face wash) because each person is starting to have things they particularly need (eg. my eldest has super curly hair and needs particular conditioner). I’m hoping (HOPING) that everyone will take what they need out of their basket when they shower and then put it back after.

I posted this originally on Instagram, and I mentioned I wanted to look for a slightly larger laundry basket that will fill that space better. Someone suggested to add another basket (side by side). If I turned the basket around, I found I could fit two baskets there — perfect! The laundry baskets are also from Kmart. I now take the lids off and just have them side by side.

It’s working really well so far! But I do need to consider towels. I want to simplify and maybe get each person a towel of a particular colour to stop the mass amount of random towels that are on the floor of bedrooms! I have done this before, and it did work for a while, but I feel we need to regroup in this area. I have a few Norwex towels that don’t take up much space and dry quick — but I personally don’t really like the feeling of them on my skin. I would love some tips for towel recommendations that are absorbent and soft but still roll up to a smallish size?

Below is what is in each section.

I also cleaned under the sink which was a DISASTER! I bought the Modular Baskets (from Kmart) in various sizes to fit well under the cupboard and they worked well.

My make-up also lives in the bathroom, and I keep it in these storage containers that I got ages ago and can’t remember where from. The black holder you can see there: that acts as a little bin for the cotton make-up remover pads that I (and my kids) use. I found the kids were leaving them on the bench — grrr — but this is working really well. It’s called a Ribbed Tumbler and it is from Kmart.

Some of my make-up favourites at the moment are Luk lipsticks (seriously the most beautiful lipsticks I have worn). I am enjoying the IT Cosmetics CC Cream SPF 50 and the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer. I do find the CC cream is just a little sticky so I just add a little powder over the top. My sister gave me some Lust Minerals Powder Foundation because it was not the right colour for her, and I really like it! Another new product I have enjoyed this year is the Cedel Dry Shampoo (I get brunette). It’s really affordable but works well.

For now, the shower is all lovely and minimal. After using this system for a month now, things are going well! Certainly, there is more space now for the dedicated items of respective members in our family and I find them using the baskets for all kinds of things they want to store.

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