Thermador Refrigerator Review (2020)

In this review guide, we will evaluate the Thermador refrigerator, how it fits in your overall kitchen design, price points, and list our best picks. Thermador refrigerators provide an extra design edge that complements any kitchen décor. Besides their design flexibility that comes with columns, all models integrate well with kitchen cabinets for a seamless finish.

Spending time in our kitchen with family sharing a meal is one of life’s treasures. Thermador appliances are ideal in this sense. The company makes a whole gamut of kitchen appliances from stoves, to dishwashers. Therefore, when bought in a package, the Thermador refrigerator brings you savings of up to $8,000, which includes a free dishwasher and a range hood for ventilation.
Thermador Refrigerator: Overview of Styles
Besides having different design and style options for you to choose from, Thermador refrigerators also offers custom options so you can select your desired cabinet wood. Each option comes with a different handle option, the robust Professional handle, and the sleek Masterpiece to match your design style.

Let’s review the various Thermador refrigerator style options...

Thermador French Door Refrigerator
French door refrigerators are remarkable for their double door and the extra convenience they offer. Unlike side swing doors, they do not require door swing allowances, so they easily fit into any area of the kitchen.

Thermador has a couple of 36” French door refrigerators, like the T36BT920NS, which are built for flush installation at 84” height and 24” depth. You get to choose between the stainless-steel exterior design and the panel ready front style. The different design options also include the choice of either a Pro or Masterpiece handle.
Bottom Freezer Thermador Refrigerator
Bottom freezers generally have some strong points against the side-by-side and top freezer counterparts. They are better at space flexibility, occupying less space than the side-by-side models, and offering more storage space than the top freezer models. They also offer better convenience, allowing you to easily access items from the fridge without having to bend over.

Thermador offers a 30-inch width and a 36-inch width bottom freezer models, which can both be installed flush at 84-inch height and 24-inch depth. These bottom freezer refrigerators have a reversible door swing, and a couple of design options like the Masterpiece or Pro handle models.
Thermador Column Refrigerator and Freezer
Thermador does not make 42-inch or 48-inch refrigerators that are bulky and limit kitchen designers. They instead offer the chance of expanding storage size and space using their integrated columns. As an example, you can combine a 36-inch freezer and a 36-inch fridge side-by-side, to create a massive 72-inch storage unit in your kitchen! To create a 48-inch food storage set, you only have to combine a 30-inch fridge with an 18-inch freezer unit. This extra space flexibility is one of the reasons Thermador towers high above other refrigerator brands.

A typical Thermador Integrated Column set can be installed flush at 84” height and 24” depth. The door swing is reversible, and there are a couple of design options to select from – the Masterpiece ot Pro handle designs and the stainless-steel/panel ready exterior designs.
Thermador T24UC910DS Thermador Undercounter Refrigerator Drawer
If you are working with a limited space in your kitchen or you just need an extra refrigerator for beverages, then an undercounter refrigerator is a perfect choice.

Thermador undercounter refrigerators are 24-inch wide and are available in stainless-steel. You can also outfit a panel ready model with your custom cabinet wood. Thermador gives you handle options to match the rest of your kitchen.

Thermador makes 2 versions of its double drawer refrigerators. The Thermador T24UC910DS is a refrigerator with a freezer and includes a filtered ice maker. On the other hand, Thermador T24UR920DS provides two refrigerator drawers without a freezer.

Interesting Features Shared Across All Styles
Certain features are easily noticeable across all Thermador refrigerator styles. Thermador ensures these features are present in their products as a cutting edge design and for added convenience.
Push to open door feature enables you to open the refrigerator even with your hands full. Instead of pulling the door, you only need to push the door gently to release the door seal. Dual compressors ensure better circulation of cold air within the refrigerator. This keeps your food cold and fresh always. SoftClose hinges cushion the impact of any forceful door closing, ensuring an ultra-smooth closing of the refrigerator doors always. Excellent airflow and filtration Clean, filtered water and filtration for ice

Why Should I Buy a Thermador Refrigerator?
It is not a surprise that the brand made it to our coveted best refrigerators list. Many added advantages come by having a Thermador refrigerator. As a high-end appliance brand, Thermador takes extra effort to produce refrigerator models that perform better, last longer, and add to the overall appeal of your home. Here are five compelling reasons to consider a Thermador refrigerator:

High-End Product Line with Premium Features
Thermador is a premium appliance brand offering premium features across their entire refrigerator selection. These features, like the Open-Door Assist and the SoftClose Door, increase the convenience and overall user experience.

Storage Flexibility
Create more than enough storage space for your refrigeration needs by making use of Thermador refrigerator columns.

Design Flexibility
With Thermador refrigerators, you could choose a stainless-steel front or the panel ready model for a custom look. You could also choose either the Pro handle or the Masterpiece handle to match your kitchen style.

Best Package Discounts
Thermador is the best brand when it comes to package discounts. As part of their One-Two-Free sales program, you could get a free dishwasher or a ventilation unit, saving you as much as $8,000 when remodeling your kitchen.

Better Integration for a Seamless Finish
Thermador refrigerators integrate well with kitchen cabinets and design for a seamless finish. With a majority of their refrigerator models, you could achieve flush installation, and give your kitchen a classic, built-in look.

How Much is a Thermador Refrigerator?
Thermador refrigerator is a high-end appliance brand. But for a luxury brand, Thermador refrigerators come with a compelling price points. If you are remodeling your kitchen, the Thermador One-Two-Free promotional program which cuts on overall costs with a free dishwasher and ventilation.

Here is an overview of Thermador refrigerator prices:
MODEL FEATURES PRICE 36-in French Door in Stainless Steel or Panel Ready, 20 cu. ft. from $7,999 36-in Bottom Freezer in Stainless Steel or Panel Ready from $7,699 30-in Bottom Freezer in Stainless Steel or Panel Ready, 16 cu. ft. from $7,199 Column Refrigerators 24-in, 30-in, 36-in width, Panel Ready from $5,999 Column Freezers 18-in, 24-in, 30-in, 36-in width, with or w/o External Dispenser, Panel Ready from $5,999 Under counter 24-in width, in Stainless Steel, Glass, or Panel Ready, 5.1 cu. ft. from $2,699 Thermador Refrigerators and Wi-Fi Connectivity
Currently, Thermador is yet to introduce the HomeConnect program into their refrigerator line. We hope to see the Wi-Fi connectivity feature in their 2021 refrigerator models.
Are Thermador Fridges Energy-Efficient and Quiet?
Thermador refrigerators all have the Energy Star certification. They could save you a couple of bucks in energy bills per year. Thanks to the bottom compressor design, they are also much quieter than most refrigerator brands on the market.
Best Thermador Refrigerators
Looking for the best Thermador refrigerator for your kitchen? Here are some options to consider.
1) Best French Door Thermador Refrigerator: T36BT920NS
Width: 36" | Height: 84" | Depth: 24 3/4" | Capacity: 19.8 cu. ft. | Design Options: Stainless steel, Panel ready w/Masterpiece or Professional handle
Thermador T36BT920NS
The T36BT920NS is the best Thermador French door refrigerator on the market. It uses a robust ThermaFresh system to provide optimal temperature and humidity control for the items inside the refrigerator. The added "delicate produce bin" features enable you to store your perishable food items for longer periods.

Thanks to the Freedom Hinge feature, you can achieve a flush installation of the T36BT920NS. The doors and drawers have the Open-Door Assist feature and the SoftClose Drawer feature (respectively) which provide added convenience. Other key features of the T36BT920NS include the Door Open Alarm, adjustable shelves, brilliant LED lighting, and the added icemaker.
2) Best Bottom Freezer Thermador Refrigerator: T30BB920SS
Width: 30" | Height: 83 3/4" | Depth: 24" | Capacity: 16.8 cu. ft. | Design Options: stainless steel, panel ready, masterpiece handle, professional handle
Thermador T30BB920SS
The 30-inch bottom freezer combines some of the most exceptional features of our top three Thermador fridges, making it the perfect Thermador refrigerator for a small household. These remarkable features include the ThermaFresh temperature/humidity management system, the delicate produce bins for fruits and veggies, and the diamond icemaker.

The T30BB920SS also has the carbon air filter which mitigates food odors, a touch control panel for better control of refrigerator functions, and SoftClose drawers/bins. Thermador also offers the panel ready and the stainless-steel (with either Masterpiece or Pro handle) design options for better integration.
3) 48-inch Side by Side Thermador Refrigerator Freezer Columns: T30IR900SP & T18ID900LP Thermador T30IR900SP
The Thermador 48” side by side refrigerator set is made by combining the 30” T30IR900SP and the 18” T18ID900LP (or T18IF901SP without the external water/ice) columns.

Besides the extra storage space, the refrigerator set has the "Freedom Hinge" for a complete flush design, SoftClose Drawers, Open Door Assist feature, and the tpouch control panel. The T18ID900LP is meant to complement the T30IR900SP. It comes with an external ice dispenser (that produces diamond ice) and smooth filtered lighting.
4) 60-inch Side by Side Thermador Refrigerator Freezer Columns: T30IR900SP & T30IF900SP Thermador T30IF900SP
The 30-inch Thermador T30IR900SP refrigerator column easily pairs with the 30” T30IF900SP to create a 60” refrigerator set that could efficiently serve a large household.

Both columns are equipped with the ThermaFresh Systems for better temperature/humidity control, Freedom Hinge for flush installation, and sizeable delicate produce bins for storing your fruits and vegetables. The refrigerator set also has SoftClose Drawers, adjustable glass shelves, carbon air filters, icemakers, and a touch control panel.
5) Best Budget Thermador Refrigerator Substitute: Bosch B36CT81SNS w/Thermador Handles Bosch B36CT81SNS
The Bosch refrigerator B36CT81SNS comes in 36-inch width. It is a counter depth refrigerator with French door configuration. This product spots the elegant Thermador look, thanks to the Pro handle design. This makes it possible for you to complete your Thermador kitchen without breaking the bank.

Besides the Thermador look and the relatively lower price, the B36CT81SNS also delivers the unique Bosch refrigeration experience. The FarmFresh system uses four technologies to keep your food fresher for more extended periods. The MultiAirFlow and the VitaFreshPro features work together to minimize temperature fluctuations and maintain the fridge at optimum humidity.

As a plus, the B36CT81SNS has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature which allows you to integrate the refrigerator with Amazon’s Alexa and also control the fridge remotely. That allows you to enjoy the Wi-Fi connectivity benefits and still retain the Thermador look.
Thermador is one of the best high-end kitchen appliances brands. With Thermador refrigerator, you get excellent performance, reliability, and better user experience, all at excellent price points.

Thermador refrigerators are receiving a minor facelift in 2020 with respect to their door bins. The sleek look of the designer bins did not get an overwhelming positive reception from customers. To show their commitment towards ensuring customer satisfaction, Thermador switched to traditional bins in their 2020 refrigerator lineup (The new models are designated by xx02xx in the SKU name. Here is an example: T30IR902SP).

We hope to see more features like cameras and Wi-Fi in newer Thermador refrigerator models. While we are waiting for that to happen, we will continue enjoying the immense benefits of having a Thermador kitchen. If you have yet to make up your mind, we hope we’ve provided some helpful information because we feel a Thermador kitchen guarantees more happy kitchen moments.
How long do Thermador fridges last?
The average life expectancy of a good refrigerator is 14 years and most home improvement store variety brands clock out in about 5-8 years. Thermador refrigerators are built to remain functional for longer than that, up to 20 years.

Where are Thermador fridges made?
Thermador refrigerators are all manufactured in Turkey by Thermador's parent company, BSH Corporation (a.k.a. Bosch).
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