The Best Wooden Toys For Kids

Wooden toys have endless appeal as Christmas presents. A nostalgic throwback to the toys of your childhood, they’re hard-wearing and timeless.

Not to mention, an environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic toys that dominate the toy department. Anything that cuts down our plastic consumption gets a thumbs up from us. 

We’ve already sorted out your shopping list of wooden toys for babies and toddlers, but if you’re buying for an older child, here’s some inspiration. 
John Lewis & Partners Wooden Ramps Racer, John Lewis, £12.50
For an eco-friendly alternative to car games, this wooden ramp is minimal, brightly-coloured and will help develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s an easy one to keep tidy too, with few tiny pieces to gather once they’re done playing.  

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Le Toy Van Tool Box, Kidly, £35
This durable tool set is a fun and colourful, not to mention easy to transport, so if you want to keep the occupied when you’re on-the-go it’s no bother. Ther eare 11 accessories for them to discover from tools, nails and screws, and a storage compartment at the bottom too. 

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Ambulance Doctor’s Set, GLTC, £45
This is guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours. Not only do you get a vehicle that can be driven around for ages, but 12 tools inside, ranging from a stethoscope, digital thermometer, syringe, reflex hammer, box of plasters and a doctors note pad. Expect lots of role play and be prepared to play patient.

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Hape Park & Go Garage, Scandiborn, £54.95
For children under six, this interactive garage is a fun one for imaginary play and is the perfect gift for a budding car enthusiast. We’re most impressed by the helicopter tbh. 

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Bex Ladder Game Pro, John Lewis, £55.99
This is great for older children and something adults can appreciate, too. The game involves throwing the balls and trying to get the string to wrap around on the ladder. It’s great for the outdoors and will keep everyone happy after dinnertime. 

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Play BBQ, JoJo Maman Bebe, £35
A playful way to inspire culinary interest, this BBQ set suitable for three years and up, we have to admit, is making us peckish. Have you seen that burger? Delish. All the pieces velcro together too so it can be compact if need be. 

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Train Set Table, George at Asda, £62.50 
This 50-piece train set resembling the golden gate bridge is not only impressive, but also comes with a fabric storage bin to encourage tidying away after play. While assembly is required once you’ve got your hands on it, it’s one that will provide hours of fun. 

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Cupcake Set, Argos, £17
If you’ve got a child who’s really into their baking, this is the perfect compromise to avoid mess. They can get in on the action by decorating four cupcakes, with decorative cake pens to match.       

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Wooden Drum, HEMA, £7.50
To be honest, this will be noisy but a long shot from the full drum set they might ask for when they’re older. Suitable from one year, it’s an affordable way to bring a smile to your child’s face. 
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Janod Magnet Rocket Toy, John Lewis, £19.99
Who doesn’t love a bit of space? It comes with six magnetic pieces that when stacked form the rockets with the cutest little astronaut poking out. Made from non-toxic paint on cherry wood pieces, it could inspire an out-of-this-world career. 

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