Take a peek at our DIY bedroom makeover

By adding a lamp, some mirrors, and new furniture, we updated our space – come see how!

I'm just going to be really, really, really honest with you all right now.


I'm not gonna win the best penny pincher ever this week.

Not even close.

Several years ago, we splurged on bedroom furniture which I loved. We saved to pay cash for it, got a good deal, and after purchasing bedding I walked away and called the room done.



It never looked just right, you know?


So last weekend after touring a few model homes I came back to our beautiful-but-quite-hod-podged home and just started dreaming. 


We've spent years working on upgrading the brick and mortar parts of our homes as we've moved over the last twenty years, but have never spent much on our décor because we really wouldn't gain financial value from that. (Adding trim work to a home makes for a better sale –  a cute dresser just doesn't!) So, every room in our home carries a few Goodwill, thrift stores, and hand me down treasures.


Which is perfect. And I'm so so thankful for them.



I kinda wanted a “right” room, you know?

You see, my struggle with penny pinching is this:


I love beautiful things. But. (sigh.)  I hate what they cost.


Like, HATE what they cost.


But I decided to head to Home Goods, noticed a few lamps, and thought about how much I'd love to replace my Goodwill/garage store mix and match lamps (see the before HERE) with two coordinating lamps.


Just $59 each. Gulp.

Then I started looking at a few bedroom makeover pictures on Instagram, and realized mirrors above nightstands were all the rage (I had no idea?)


So I grabbed two (very small ones ~ at $20 a piece I figured they were perfect!) to match the lamps and headed home.

The initial mirrors were way too small, so I checked out Hobby Lobby and found two for $100 each (eek), and asked my hubby what he thought. He didn't say he hated the idea, so I decided that was a win.


Guys, I feel guilty, but I love it.


Total cost to “finish” the room?  (Well, except curtains . . . keep reading . . . ) 

Updated alcove project outside our door ~ James also added all the trim work along the hallway upstairs like he'd done on the first floor





It wasn't necessary. We can live without it. We absolutely don't need it.





It makes me ridiculously happy. We had money in savings for it. And I absolutely love it.


And, I'm planning to love it for a long long time, because by waiting this long to finish it I've figured out what I really do love, and everything I picked I (think?) is pretty timeless.  We were able to create the bedroom makeover we always dreamed of without having to sacrifice in the short term.

Our make-shift free window shades which we got when we ordered shutters in other rooms of our home. We so need to replace them but I love looking out each day at our view ~ and I know new curtains will cost a bundle ~ eek!

So, there you have it.

If you're new to penny pinching and don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, let me promise you it's there.


By waiting for what we really wanted (instead of what we wanted right now), we can totally see the abundance of having plenty which we didn't have in those early years.


You'll get there too. 

Be patient. Stick with the Goodwill stuff. Check out your local garage sales, thrift stores, and online yard sales.


And then.


When you've penny pinched for just a few years and the money really is finally really in the budget, you can have that room you've always dreamed of too.


And it'll be oh-so-worth the wait.  


And in the meantime? 


Whatever space you have.

Whatever you've got.

Clean it up. De-clutter. De-gunk. De-mess.


Because even when you don't have just the perfect space, the space you have really can be just perfect. 


Or at least better.




Take a few minutes this weekend to fluff up a space in your home ~ and make today a beautiful day. 

Here's the only “decoration” we had in our first apartment ~ a Mary Engelbreit card that I put in a $1 Dollar Tree frame. I still love it enough to keep it (hidden a bit!) on our night stand.  


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