Six Best Beach Strollers for Sandy or Rocky Beaches

Navigating through life with a new baby is often overwhelming for parents, and finding the perfect stroller to leave your home with your little one is certainly one of the most important decisions you have to make. Most parents use strollers to take their baby everywhere, from shopping and walking around street festivals, to power walking and even going for a run. But what happens when you want to take your new baby or a toddler to the beach? They you will need a stroller that can handle just about any kind of terrain, including sand.

The best beach stroller you can get for your child will be able to handle all types of terrains and wont leave you stuck in the sand on the beach at the end of a family day out. These strollers also make great all-around strollers because they often have larger wheels than other models and are also easier to maneuver. We looked at the best beach strollers you can find on the market and considered all the important features such as weight of the stroller and its weight capacity, dimensions and weight, type of wheels, whether the stroller is foldable, warranty and more.

Top 6 Beach Strollers Review 2020

After weeks of research, we came up with a top six list of the best strollers for the beach available today. Our comparison table and in-depth reviews make it easy to find the model that would work best for your family, and the buying guide at the end has answers for all the questions you might have when shopping for strollers. Now lets have a look at the best strollers out there.

Image and Rating
Name and Features
Editor's Choice

A fantastic choice for the beach and any other terrain you may want to use it on, this stroller offers fantastic suspension and adjusts to your babys growth

Best Front Wheel Mechanism

Keep you little one entertained with the in-built MP3 player; an ultra-safe choice for thanks to the dual trigger folding mechanism

3. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
Best with Large Wheels
Best with Large Wheels

The Expeditions extra-large wheels will allow you to tackle all terrains, whether your beach is smooth and sandy, or covered in rocks and pebbles

Best Maneuverability

Suitable for small infants as well as larger toddlers, this stroller has a weight allowance of up to 75 lbs and advanced safety and control thanks to the integrated twist handbrake

5. Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller
Best Sun Protection
Best Sun Protection

A large canopy will protect your baby from the harmful UV rays, and you and your little one will love the easily adjustable, comfortable seat

Budget Pick

A lightweight and impressively robust stroller that will handle the beach terrain thanks to

  • Weight capacity:75 lbs
  • Dimensions:44 x 25.4 x 43 inches
  • Weight:28.5 lbs
  • Tire type:air-filled
  • Foldable:yes
  • Warranty:5 years

Extra features:UPF 50+ canopy, travel system ready


Our best all-around choice for a beach stroller is the BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller, which is an excellent choice not only for parents who love to jog and walk on the beach to keep fit, but also for those who are looking for a sturdy stroller that wont let them down in any situation. Providing a smooth and comfortable ride for babies and toddlers, this stroller is different from many of the other models available on the market because it has great suspension to protect your baby from the negative impact of shocks on the spine, no matter the terrain.

This stroller can handle just about any kind of surface, including beaches and woods, and is suitable for 8-week babies although you might want to wait until your little one has neck and head control (about 3 to 8 months old). This is necessary because the BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller doesnt come with fully flat recline. It has, however, an impressive total weight capacity of up to 75 pounds, so both your little one and your luggage fit comfortably.

Users loved that this stroller comes with an extra-large canopy that covers the baby completely to shield him or her from the sun. The canopy has the added benefit of being made from UPF 50+ fabric to protect your little one from sunburns. The adjustable rotating handlebar received lots of praise as well from users, as you can adjust it into nine positions to suit parents of all heights.

  • Suitable for all terrains
  • UPF 50+ canopy
  • Adjustable rotating handlebar
  • May sway slightly off-track on certain terrain

  • Weight capacity:50 lbs
  • Dimensions:25 x 23 x 33.5 inches
  • Weight:24.5 lbs
  • Tire type:air-filled
  • Foldable:yes
  • Warranty:5 years

Extra features:dual trigger folding system for maximum safety, built-in canopy-mounted speakers, travel system ready


Working for children up to 50 lbs., this stroller is a swivel-wheel single Jogger with wide tires that can handle all types of terrain, including sand. The Pacific Cycle Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger has a dual trigger folding mechanism for extra safety, and a manual locking front wheel for effortless swivel. Users liked the versatility this stroller offers when it comes to car transport, as its car seat adapter is easy to use with most car brands.

A feature that you dont see in many strollers, a built-in MP3 player, received extra praise from parents, as it helps to keep your little one entertained. They also liked that the canopy is floating and retractable, and that the 16-inch wheels of the stroller make it very easy to push it no matter the terrain. The stroller is also very easy to assemble, and many parents mentioned that they can haul a lot of luggage with this stroller effortlessly.

Because the canopy of the stroller is not attached to the back of the chair as it is the case with many other models, this gives an exceptional range of motion for blocking the sun. As for storage space, this stroller comes with an under seat basket and a parent tray. The parent tray has a separate compartment for a smartphone, and the cupholders come in handy as well.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Rubberized, adjustable handle
  • Built-in MP3 player
  • Frame flexes

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Best with Large Wheels

  • Weight capacity:50 lbs
  • Dimensions:47 x 21 x 41 inches
  • Weight:25.5 lbs
  • Tire type:air-filled
  • Foldable:yes
  • Warranty:180 days

Extra features:travel system ready, extra-large storage basket


Offering a good solution for a smooth ride on wonky sidewalks and bumpy terrain roads, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller has wheels so large that some parents likened them to those of a bicycle. This stroller has back wheel brakes located conveniently at the foot of the person steering it but doesnt come with a hand brake. An affordable option for parents who want a high-quality all-terrain stroller without breaking the bank, this model is a good option for those who want to go for a run with their baby, but you shouldnt expect to be able to run in a professional manner with it, as it doesnt feature suspension nor adjustable tracking.

The stroller comes with an extra-large under-seat storage bin where parents can fit large diaper bags or their shopping bags. The parent console thats included has a closable storage compartment and two cup holders. The child has two cup holders as well, but many parents found out that they do not fit wide-bottom sippy cups. The canopy is not as large as some of the other models we reviewed, but it comes with a small mesh peekaboo window. Users mentioned that while the canopy offers a level of protection for the baby, there is not a great deal of protection on the sides. The five-point harness is easy to put on and take off and is highly adjustable so everything one can be comfortable as he or she grows up.

  • Extra-large storage bin
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large wheels
  • No suspension


Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller Best Maneuverability

  • Weight capacity:75 lbs
  • Dimensions:41.1 x 27.2 x 40 inches
  • Weight:25.3 lbs
  • Tire type:air-filled
  • Foldable:yes
  • Warranty:not specified

Extra features:one-handed recline, twist hand brake for speed control on hilly terrain


Suitable for all kinds of terrain, even hills and sandy beaches, the Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller is made from high quality, fabrics and has a good-sized storage basket with a cover to keep your baby gear protected. The swivel front wheel makes the stroller easy to maneuver, and you can make it more stable by locking in the front wheel for jogging or walking on difficult terrain. Many parents who used the stroller mentioned that they liked the wheels and suspension because they provide an extra smooth ride.

Unlike previous models, the Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller comes with an integrated twist handbrake for extra safety and better control over the stroller especially when going on steeper terrain. Moreover, this additional break allows you to slow down and stop at any time. The stroller also comes with a foot-operated parking brake located between the rear wheels. Most users mentioned that because the break is big, it is very easy to press and lift.

The stroller is equipped with a padded five-point harness to keep your baby securely in place. Many parents raved about the quality of the harness that is very soft to the touch and doesnt rub the babys delicate skin. The padded seat has a weight capacity of 75 lbs., and even though many parents mentioned that it is a bit too narrow for a three-year-old child, the stroller works well for four-year-olds because it has a good-sized backrest and leg rest.

  • Hand brake
  • Perfect for bumpy terrains
  • High-quality 5-point harness
  • Seat a bit narrow for older children

Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller Best Sun Protection

  • Weight capacity:33 lbs
  • Dimensions:40.5 x 22 x 42 inches
  • Weight:22 lbs
  • Tire type:air-filled
  • Foldable:yes
  • Warranty:not specified

Extra features:extra-large canopy, free tractive webbing


An affordable stroller with a classy design, the Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller has most of the features you would expect from an all-terrain stroller, including an extra-large canopy for superior protection and privacy and large rubber tires for a smooth ride. The stroller has a weight capacity of up to 33 pounds, which means that it can accommodate a child who is up to three years old.

The tires of this stroller measure 12 inches for the front and 16 inches for the rear, and many parents mentioned that they are very easy to push on sidewalks or parks because they can easily grip most surfaces.

Many parents like that you can adjust the seat of the stroller easily simply by pulling straps on the back, which comes in very handy for long runs or walks. The reclining positions also mean that your little one will be able to take naps comfortably.

The canopy is one of the main selling points of the Costzon Baby Jogger Stroller because it can be adjusted into multiple positions and extended to almost all the way down. A peekaboo window is available, so you dont have to fold the canopy up to check on your baby. Finally, many users mentioned the spacious storage underneath the seat that has a weight capacity to 5 lbs, so you can store your luggage effortlessly.

  • Lightweight
  • Detachable rear wheels for easy storage
  • Extra-large canopy
  • Low weight capacity
  • Weight capacity:50 lbs
  • Dimensions:47 x 21 x 41 inches
  • Weight:28.8 lbs
  • Tire type:air-filled
  • Foldable:yes
  • Warranty:180 days

Extra features:travel system ready, JPMA certified


Our budget choice is the Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller which comes with large wheels that are filled with air to work on every type of terrain. While this is not as large as some of the other strollers we reviewed, it is foldable and easy to transport, which makes it ideal even for bringing on an airplane. Many parents liked that this stroller is very lightweight and is not bulky at all when folded, something that you usually dont get with larger, more expensive models.

This stroller is one of the cheapest options you will find for a jogging stroller, but this doesnt mean that you dont get a quality product. Sure, it lacks some of the features you get on more expensive models, such as adjustable handlebars, for example, but the good news it that is can accommodate a child six months and older, up to 50 lbs. Moreover, many users mentioned that this stroller is suitable for children who are taller than usual.

The Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller sports two large tires at the rear and a smaller one at the front. All of them are filled with air and made of rubber in the manner of bicycle tires, and even though they dont have any additional suspension, many parents mentioned that they are good shock absorbers on their own. The front wheel is lockable, which makes the stroller easy to maneuver for a walk in the park or if you want the stroller to remain in place when youre jogging. If youre looking for a jogging (and beach!) stroller with room for more than just one kid, then check out our line up of thebest double jogging strollers.

  • Inexpensive
  • Clip-on drink holder for parent
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Non-adjustable handlebars

Buying Guide

From all-terrain strollers to elegant urban buggies, there are lots of choices out there when it comes to choosing a three-wheeler for your little one. Big strollers are a good idea for parents who want to go on a walk or run with their baby on different kinds of terrain, including a sandy beach or even a forest. Below you will find everything you need to know about what to look for when shopping for a beach stroller.

Advantages of having a beach stroller

Best Beach StrollerThe main advantage of having a beach stroller here is that can tackle all types of terrain. Also known as all-terrain strollers, these buggies are designed for tackling difficult terrains, but they also come in handy for urban streets and sidewalks that arent that smooth. If you are looking to tackle the rugged outdoors with your little one, you need a stroller that has large wheels made of rubber and filled with air just like those you find on a bicycle. With these wheels, you dont have to worry about getting stuck in the sand or toppling your little one accidentally when you walk on rough terrain.

Features to consider when choosing a stroller for the beach

From the dimensions and types of tires to reclining positions and the weight it supports, there are multiple features you need to take into account before buying a beach stroller. Below is an outline of the most important of them.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of a stroller is one of the most important features to take into account because it determines the weight of the child it can carry. Some models such as the Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller can carry up to 30 lbs. including luggage, whereas others such as the Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Jogging Stroller are suitable for weights of up to 75 lbs. Consider the weight of your baby or toddler before making a purchase and also take into account the fact that your little one will grow quickly. In most cases, you can expect to be able to use a beach stroller for up to three years before your little one outgrows it.


When considering the dimensions of a stroller, you need to assess whether it is large enough for your child, but also how bulky it is when folded and assembled. If your little one is actually quite big for their age, then you might like to take a look at the best strollers for big kids - we found the comfiest, most accommodating models.

A stroller that is too big may not be comfortable for everyone to push, and you should also go for a model with an adjustable handlebar if possible.

This way, you can be sure that the stroller suits your height and that it is adjustable for the needs of another person, such as your partner or another member of the family. If you're on the tall side, it can be really difficult to find a stroller that suits your height, so we found and reviewed some of the best strollers for tall parents. Finally, think about whether the stroller will take up a lot of space in your home.


The weight of the stroller is important especially if you need to transport it regularly. Some models such as the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller weigh around 25 lbs., whereas others such as the BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller are close to 30 lbs. when assembled.

Dimensions and type of tires

All-terrain strollers that you can use on the beach should have large wheels that are air filled and easy to push through various types of terrain and sand. Most jogger strollers fit these requirements, but you should also think about the suspension and comfort level for your little one to allow them to feel at ease during the ride, without experiencing too many bumps.

Reclining positions

Many baby strollers can be folded into various positions, and generally the more reclining positions there are, the more comfortable your child will be. Strollers with many reclining options allow your baby to sleep comfortably during the ride and they also allow him or her to sit upright when needed.


Six Best Beach Strollers for Sandy or Rocky BeachesLook for a model that can be folded for easy transportation, especially if you want to take the stroller with you in the car or on a plane. Some models come with a one hand folding system that lets you fold it quickly and easily, even when you hold your baby.

Construction and comfort

When shopping for the best beach stroller, you need to take into account the quality of the construction as well as the level of comfort it provides for your little one. The strollers should be durable, but lightweight at the same time, and you should also look at the interior to make sure it is soft enough for a comfortable ride. The frame should ideally be made of metal for increased durability.


An adjustable canopy is essential for a beach stroller because it protects your little one from sunlight or even light rain. Many models come with a canopy with UV protection, which prevent your baby from getting sunburns. Some others have an extra-large canopy that protects the baby from all sides. If you want to be able to check on your baby without adjusting the canopy (and thereby without disturbing them), look for a model that comes with the peekaboo window.

Safety: seat belts and parking breaks

For the safety of your baby, a good stroller should come with adjustable seat belts that are sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

Padded straps are a good idea if you dont want your little one to be uncomfortable.

Parking brakes are also extremely important because they prevent the stroller from rolling away. Some models come with parking brakes both on the wheels and on the handlebar.

Onboard storage and cup holders

Many all-terrain strollers have onboard extras for parents, including cupholders or compartments for keys or a smartphone. You should also consider how much underseat storage space you may need for your luggage, including diaper bags or any shopping you may intend to carry.


Strollers may come with varying warranties, with manufacturers such as Baby Trend offering a six-month warranty. However, you can choose to extend the warranty (at an extra cost) for most brands. Our top two picks, the BOB Revolution Flex and the Pacific Cycle Schwinn Turismo offer a whopping 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


All-terrain strollers may require more cleaning than urban ones, especially if you take them to the beach. All you have to do, though, is to clean the frame and fabric of the stroller so it continues to run smoothly and keep your little one safe. Start by detaching the canopy and vacuuming up all the loose dirt. If the seat and canopy are machine washable, run a gentle cycle to clean them and dont forget that in the vast majority of cases, you shouldnt tumble dry them. If they are not machine washable, clean them with soap and warm water, making sure the soap is safe for the baby. Finally, rub the handlebars with soap and water and hose down the wheels if possible, to get all the sand out.

Most strollers can accommodate car seats, but you need to pay attention to the make and brand and check for compatibility. You may also need an adapter to attach the car seat as well.

In many cases, the tires come ready to use, but if they dont its easy to inflate them using a bicycle pump. Check with the manufacturer beforehand to find out this information.

A bassinet is necessary for a newborn because they cant sustain their head and neck. To use a bassinet, you need a stroller that reclines fully and has enough space to accommodate the bassinet. Some narrow models are not suitable for this.

Our Verdict

No matter the reason youre looking for a beach stroller, our selection has something for everybody. Out best all-around model, the BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller mixes great features and versatility while being good value for money. If youre looking for a model that comes with a lockable front wheel, the Pacific Cycle Schwinn Turismo Swivel Jogger is a great option. Alternatively, if youre interested in a stroller with some of the biggest wheels you can get (and therefore a great performance on sand), we found the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller to be an excellent model. Make sure that you check out all the features carefully before making a purchase so that the stroller you buy is a great fit for both you and the baby.

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