Reviewed: Are the Dyson V15 Detect’s Upgrades What the Average Person Needs?

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Homes are getting smarter each year with innovative products like smart temperature and humidity sensors and yard robots replacing simple thermostats and lawnmowers. Even the already handy stick vacuum has undergone incredible developments.

Dyson is a leader in the vacuum game with their top-notch technology and user-friendly designs. We even named their V8 Absolute one of the best vacuums at one point. They continuously make reliable, easy-to-use, and powerful vacuums, and with their latest release, the V15 Detect, they’ve created their most intelligent vacuum yet. But does a gadget meant to pick up dirt and grime need to be so smart?

I tested the Dyson V15 Detect for almost six months, and I have some thoughts. Read my Dyson V15 Detect review to learn more about this smart vacuum and find out if it’s worth the cost.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Cordless design
  • Adapts to different floor types
  • Quiet


  • Smart features aren’t integral to performance
  • Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner has less powerful suction than Digital Motorbar
  • Top heavy design can tire the hand
  • Emptying the bin can be messy
  • Small dustbin not suited for large spaces

What’s Included With the Dyson V15 Detect?

Dyson has included tons of versatile attachments for all-purpose cleaning with the V15 Detect vacuum. The Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head can be removed for a more basic Digital Motorbar, which I use as my default attachment. The Digital Motorbar effectively picks up dust and long hair from carpet and hardwood floors. I have been most impressed with its anti-tangle properties. My roommate and I both have long hair that can hide in our carpet. The Motorbar picks up all of our hair without clogging the suction source, something that has happened with other vacuums I’ve used in the past.

My other favorite tool is the combination one. I’ve used that for cleaning my baseboard and in hard-to-reach cracks. Most of the other attachments have sat collecting dust in my cleaning supplies storage corner. While Dyson makes it extremely easy to affix all of their attachments, my laziness gets the better of me and I stick to what I know. I’m already cleaning my floors, I can’t be bothered to figure out which is the upholstery attachment to clean a couch that I carried off of the streets of New York for free.

If you are the type of person to revel in your vacuum attachments, the hair screw tool with a conical design looks especially appealing for pet owners. This tool is designed to pick up pet hair and can be used on pet beds or dog-hair-covered furniture.

Dyson V15 Detect Laser Technology

The Dyson V15 Detect is Dyson’s most innovative and intelligent vacuum. It features a detachable head that illuminates parts of the floor with a green laser so you can see fine dust and debris that you might otherwise miss.

V15 Detect Laser technology
Laser technology is visible with the lights off.
v15 Detect Laser technology in well-light room
Laser technology with overhead lights on, hardly visible.

In my testing, I found that the laser performed best in dark or dimly lit rooms. In areas with natural light or overhead lights, it was hardly useful. I also found that the Slim Laser Fluffy attachment featured noticeably less suction than the Motorbar. I also didn’t understand its mission. It illuminates the path of the vacuum meaning it lights up dust I’m already planning to roll over. During my six months of testing the V15 Detect, I never opted for this attachment when I actually wanted to clean my floors. It was a fun party gag to show off to friends, but I was so impressed with the Motorbar I never wanted to take it off.

Dyson V15 Detect LCD Screen

The Dyson V15 Detect also features an LCD screen that shows users scientific proof that their vacuum is operating at a high capacity. It also displays how much time the battery has left, something that I did find extremely useful. Before getting this Dyson, I used a handheld vacuum that would unexpectedly run out of battery mid-clean. With the V15 Detect, I always knew when to charge it so it would last an entire cleaning.

LCD Screen display on Dyson V15 Detect

The actual “scientific proof” of a deep clean displayed on the screen proved less useful. Frankly, before writing this review, I didn’t really even know what the little bars represented. Yes, I could have read the manual or conducted a quick Google search, but ultimately the proof of a deep clean is in the pudding, or in this case, the floor. My carpet has truly never looked so fluffy and fresh and I could see how much dirt and hair was collecting in the dustbin after even a five-minute clean of what looked to me like a mostly clean floor. If you’re super into gadgets, perhaps this is a fun upgrade, but it’s not crucial to the performance of the V15 Detect.

Overall Performance of the V15 Detect

Despite some of the unnecessary technological upgrades, the Dyson V15 Detect is an impressive, extremely powerful vacuum. It works spectacularly on my rug and hardwood floors and I’ve used it to clean cobwebs out of corners and from the ceiling. It has sucked up bugs that I was too afraid to crush. It has dusted and vacuumed floorboards. It even works to suck up the debris that crumbles out of my brick wall and falls on top of my books.

Dusty books on shelf before V15 Detect use
My dusty books before using the V15 Detect
Newly cleaned books after using V15 Detect
My newly cleaned books after using the V15 Detect with the combination tool

Compared to other vacuums I’ve used and tested, this one has a noticeably strong suction power when used on my rug. It sucks up fine dust and particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye and quickly fill up the dustbin. It also intelligently adapts to floor types and adjusts suction power accordingly. You can still select a high or low-power mode, but auto mode worked perfectly when moving from hard floor to carpets. It did have a run time of about an hour in auto mode.

When it comes to the dustbin, I was surprised how long it could go without being emptied since it looks pretty small. I emptied it every two months or so. That being said, my apartment is extremely small. For a larger space or home, the dustbin might become burdensome with how often you’ll have to empty it. Also, there’s a button to eject the dustbin from the vacuum stick, but I found myself still having to reach my hand inside to remove large clumps and tangled hairs. This was pretty unsavory and made me long for the days of bagged vacuums. Still, a dust-covered hand is a small price to pay for extremely clean floors.

Dustbin full of debris
Stubborn debris clinging to the inside of the dustbin

Should You Buy the Dyson V15 Detect?

While I absolutely loved the power and suction on this vacuum, it’s not entirely necessary to buy. Dyson makes other stick vacuums that are almost as high-powered for a much lower price. The intelligent features on the V15 Detect went mostly unused or under-appreciated. The average vacuum user doesn’t need cleaning reports or lasers, they just want something that will quickly and effectively clean their floors. This vacuum certainly did that, but the upgrades make for a high price without much payoff.

With that, if you are someone who likes the latest technology, or loves gadgets and tech, this vacuum is for you. If you’re willing to spend $700 on a vacuum, that definitely does work well, you surely won’t be disappointed.