Redroad V17 stick vacuum cleaner review

Redroad stick vaccum review

Having a stick vacuum cleaner makes daily clean up so easy. I’ve owned one for a few years now and it’s been a lifesaver for my carpets, couch, and car, but I’m ready for something new. If you’ve been looking at stick vacuum cleaners too,  I just tested out the Redroad V17 handheld vacuum cleaner and I’m really impressed. It’s a budget-friendly cordless stick vacuum but it has a high-end style, multiple attachments, and seriously strong suction.

Here’s a look at the Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner.

Redroad V17 stick vacuum cleaner features

Redroad V17 review

The Redroad V17 handheld vacuum cleaner is a cordless stick vacuum with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It’s packaged with several attachments you can use to clean your home from top to bottom.

  • Sleek, lightweight stick vacuum weighs 6.42 kg (14 lbs)
  • 26,500Pa suction power with 450W motor
  • Colour LCD screen lets you switch between three power modes—Eco, Medium, and Turbo
  • 2500mAh capacity battery gives you up to 60 minutes of cleaning in Eco mode
  • Supports 13 different languages
  • 2 HEPA filters with five-step filtration so you won’t have dust flying in the air when cleaning
  • The power adapter plugs into a docking station to charge your vacuum while storing both it and your accessories
  • Attachments include dual brush motorized power head, hose, mini motorized brush head, crevice nozzle, adjustable wide nozzle, flexible hose, as well as an extra dusting brush and roller brush
  • Motorized roller brush and crevice tool light up so you can easily see what you’re cleaning

Testing Redroad V17 stick vacuum

It’s rare I see a vacuum cleaner and have my first impression all about the design, but the Redroad V17 has such great style. I love the white handle and white hose, and it just complements so nicely with the fire engine red accents and the purple and grey accessories.

When you pick up the Redroad V17 it feels quite light. It’s meant for one-hand cleaning and it definitely fits the bill. It’s also easy to lift it up and reach for dust strands on your ceiling or vacuum the dust off your blinds.

Powerful suction and cleaning head

Redroad lcd screen and cleaning modes

The Redroad V17 stick vacuum has a powerful motor with three modes. You can switch from Eco to Medium to Turbo with one touch of the button on the screen. The screen is colour and it will show your battery life while cleaning as well.

When testing this stick vacuum my goal was to clean until I drained the battery. I switched between Eco to Medium to Turbo during my cleaning session and I found Turbo was my favourite. You won’t need Turbo when cleaning hardwood floors, but it’s really useful when you’re cleaning low-pile carpets. I have a few cats and a corgi in my house and I couldn’t believe the amount of hair I pulled off the carpet. I had just vacuumed the day before too.

The suction on this vacuum is quite strong. I was impressed with how it connected and pulled on my low pile carpets, and it didn’t miss a speck on the floor. At first I thought the power head was a bit on the small side, but the size works well for this stick vacuum. It is definitely easy to maneuver in tight corners and under furniture.

I believe part of the reason why this vacuum is so efficient at pulling up debris is because of the design of the dual roller power head. It has two different rollers in the head—one soft brush to be used as a dust roller and one stiff bristle brush for carpets. They work together to suck up dust and dig in when they need to. It’s a very efficient design. I also love how the power head has a light as it’s very helpful when you’re cleaning under the couch.

Multiple attachments you can use to clean everything

Redroad dual brush head

I have never used my own stick vacuum attachments that often, but the attachments on the Redroad V17 stick vacuum really add to its versatility.

This vacuum has two extra rollers you can swap out with the two in your motorized power head, a crevice tool, stiff bristle brush, an extendable brush, a flexible hose attachment that curves so you can clean under furniture, and a docking station you can mount on your wall for storage and charging. I used the wide bristle brush to clean my collection of old books and it works really well. You can add the brushes to the end of the hose or right on the vacuum cleaner body.

My favourite attachment is the crevice tool. It actually lights up so you can see where you are cleaning. I used it to clean the seams of my sofa and it worked great, and you can’t deny how cool the purple attachment looks when it lights up.

The Redroad V17 has a mini motorized brush head they call a ‘mite’ brush. It’s designed to give you powerful suction when cleaning your mattress, couch, or car. It worked so well on my couch that I didn’t want to stop cleaning. Corgis are known to really shed and it picked up every hair she left behind. I used both the mini motorized head and the crevice tool and my couch was spotless.

I also really enjoyed using the flexible hose attachment with the power head. It curves and bends so you can clean under your couch or other furniture.

Redroad V17 has two HEPA filters and a quiet motor

redroad V17 stick vacuum review

I love how the Redroad stick vacuum has two HEPA filters to keep your air clean while you’re vacuuming. Normally I sneeze a bit when vacuuming but I had no issue when cleaning with the Redroad V17. The filter is easy to clean too. You can just turn the red dial on the top of the main body of the vacuum and the filter pops out.

To clean you just rinse the filter under water and let it air dry. Don’t put it back until it’s dry or you could release water into the motor. The dust bucket can be wiped out with a cloth and there is a small brush under the dust bucket you can use to reach up and clean the inner area of the vacuum.

One recommendation I have for maintaining suction on any stick vacuum is to always clean the filter. You should clean it at least once a week. It really helps keep your suction at the level it’s supposed to be.

I did a bit of research on the brand while using the Redroad V17 and saw that it was labelled as a quiet vacuum. It runs at about 60dB when in Turbo mode. It was definitely a lot quieter than some of the other stick vacuums I’ve tested. One of my cats is afraid of vacuums and I ran it past him. He only lifted his head and looked at me. With any other vacuum, he would run away, so it is a lot quieter than my own vacuum.

Should you choose the Redroad V17 stick vacuum?

Angle brush Redroad Stick vacuum

It’s hard to believe the Redroad V17 stick vacuum has such a low price point. It has a great design, useful features, and strong suction. During my test I ran the battery empty, but I had more than enough time to clean everything before I did. I reached up and cleaned my bookshelves, removed dust strings from my ceiling, and cleaned every corner of my floors and area rugs.

I had to empty out the dust bin twice while cleaning because it picked up so much pet hair and other debris. The dust bin is easy to empty too, and the two HEPA filters keep the air clean while you’re vacuuming.

If you need a stick vacuum with powerful suction I highly recommend the Redroad V17 stick vacuum. You can find it right now at Best Buy.

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