Pets and Home Organization: Solutions for Keeping Your Home Tidy with Pets

Keep your home tidy while having pets, here’s how!

Photos By: Unsplash

Pets are always tied to the two c’s: cuteness… and clutter! From their food and toys to their beds (plural) and grooming supplies, our furry friends (much like us) can accumulate a lot of possessions. That’s not to mention their fair share of paperwork, like health records, insurance information and receipts. 

Things can get out of hand pretty quickly when it comes to managing all these pet accessories, but with the right tactics, you can ensure everything runs smoothly. If you’re feeling burdened by the clutter, or simply looking to up your organisation game, here are some easy solutions for keeping your home tidy with pets. 

Set up a Food and Water Station

When it comes to the all-mighty feeding time, things can get a little messy – especially if your furry friend is enthusiastic about their food (happy tap dance, anyone?), so having a dedicated station for food and water is essential to keeping your home tidy as a pet owner. 

It helps for feeding time too, especially if you invest in items like a mat, which is easy to wipe down post-feeding frenzy. Pick an area close to where you store your food, as this will make things more convenient for you (and less waiting time for your furry pals). Having a designated feeding area will also help your pooch or kitty feel calmer around meal time, knowing their food will arrive in a predetermined spot. A win-win situation!

Having easy storage within this dedicated area is a great way to keep everything contained all within the one space. Air-tight containers are great for storing dry food (if possible, transfer the entire bag into the container) and they should be kept in a cool location, free from moisture or humidity. 

Make a Dedicated Space for Toys

You can’t control where your pet plays with their toys, but you can decide where to store them! No pet owner wants to find themselves constantly tripping over stray balls or squeaky toys every time they make their way through the house. A basket or wicker bin makes for a perfect place for pet toys, where they can be easily thrown in and taken out as required (if your pet has a lot of toys you may even want to consider a toy hammock to save on floor space). 

For the ultra-dedicated, try training your pooch to help you clean up their toys when they’re all tuckered out. It may take some extra treats with a side of patience, but it’s certainly possible (and could help save your sanity!).

Hang up Leashes and Collars

Leashes, collars and harnesses can quickly add to unnecessary clutter if they’re not given a suitable home. While they can be put away in a drawer, hanging them up makes them much easier to access when you’re ready to go. Whether it’s by the front door, along the hallway, in the garage or laundry, pick a location that’s easiest for you and your pooch. 

Pets can get very excited at the prospect of walkies, so keeping the necessities together helps make the process easier. You may even want to consider a cabinet with compartments where you can store other walk-related items like waste bags, a collapsible water bowl or a towel for wiping mud-caked paws when you arrive home from a big adventure. 

Keep Grooming Supplies Together

Getting any pet into the bath is a feat in itself. Whether you need to coax them in or wrestle them in, it helps to have everything you need at hand (while the other is blocking their exit). From shampoo and conditioner to brushes, clippers and razors, pet grooming involves a fair amount of supplies. Wherever you bathe them, whether that’s the bathroom, laundry or the back yard, pop these items close by in a basket or plastic bin. Doing so means you won’t need to play Twister trying to rummage for the shampoo while keeping your furry friend in the tub! 

Have a Folder for Insurance, Receipts, and More

Our furry friends tend to accumulate their own papers—from vet bills and vaccination receipts, to insurance and registration. The best way to avoid having to turn the house upside-down to find that one document (inevitably at the last minute!) is to ensure it’s all kept together in an easily-accessible location. 

A folder or ring binder is a great option for storing all your pet paperwork, whether it’s vet records, immunisation history, medication prescriptions, insurance information or the number for your favourite pet sitter. It also makes remembering everything a lot easier! 

Once you get in the habit of popping your pet-related paperwork in your designated folder, you’ll be amazed you ever got by without one. 

Our furry friends can do a lot of things, but unfortunately, tidying up is not one of them! Luckily, with the right organisation tactics in place, you can get those copious pet supplies under control, ensuring they’re always easy to find when you need them.