Organizing Tune-Ups Ep 4- Do You Really Need Bins To Help You Organize?

Bins are one of the most requested organizing item. But are they necessary to get organized? I am breaking down my thoughts on if bins are really important to get you organized, or if there is something else holding you back from truly being organized!

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Show Notes

To bin, or not to bin – that is the question. This is quite a topic in the organizing world. My stance: it depends!

What is your definition of organized? What is the purpose of the bin? Why do you feel like you need containment? Is it in your budget, or vision?

Keeping up with Pinterest perfect organizing with bins can be difficult. If you are able to keep up with it, do it! Not able to commit? There are so many other ways to organize your space without bins.

Before you even consider bins, you need to declutter. After you declutter, then ask yourself if a bin is really something you need!

If you do go in the direction of using bins please remember: not all bins are created equally.

Organizing Freebie

Labels are a great way to help with organization with or without bins! Get access to my printable label library below.

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