If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you know we sold our beloved Jeep in favor of a minivan that would better accommodate our current phase of life with three boys (4 1/2 months, 21 months, and 3 years) in carseats. As much as I swore I would never ever drive a minivan, it’s been a very practical choice for our family and one that suits us well for this particular chapter (read: I refuse to drive this thing forever, but I’m all in for now!). So in the spirit of embracing this phase of life on the go with three children, my mom and I set out to find the best products for organizing your car and wanted to share what we came up with! This isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing post, but perhaps it will help some of you figure out how to organize your car and feel a little more prepared when you’re out and about with your little one(s)!

how to organize your center console in car

Organizing the center console

We used these small clear plastic bins to organize the center console and labeled them with some of the products I find myself rummaging for when we’re out of the house like Aquaphor, bandaids, and hair ties. 

drop stop car seat gap filler

Car seat gap fillers

Where have these been all my life? Apparently these car seat gap fillers were featured on Shark Tank and now that we have them on the two front seats, I’ll never have to worry about my keys or phone falling into the gap between the seat and seatbelt.

backseat car organizer

Backseat car organizers

Backseat car organizers are a must-have with kids and these ones have storage pockets for car tissues, wipes, coloring books, and even an iPad for longer road trips. 

car trunk organizer for diapers wipes snacks sports

Car trunk organizer

This car trunk organizer has made the biggest difference for me in terms of feeling well-equipped when we leave the house. The left side houses cleaning wipes, diaper wipes, extra trash bags, and diapers in two sizes and the right side has snacks and a pocket for the kids’ tennis rackets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been starving when we’re out at a playground or running home from a birthday party and so happy to remember I have my favorite popcorn in the car! And I forgot to take a picture but we have these headrest hooks on the third row seats so we can hang reusable grocery bags in the trunk. They would also be great behind the driver and passenger to hang your handbag!

portable car vacuum

Portable car vacuum

The minivan trunk conveniently has a built-in spot to charge this portable car vacuum and it’s come in handy many times to clear crumbs out of the boys’ carseats! I’ve since added this car cleaning putty as well and it works insanely well!

Products for organizing your car

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