Nowadays a number of useful tools for toilet cleaning are available on the market

These products are not only solid and stable but also compact and good-looking. One of these extremely practical products is known as a trash can with toilet brush. When inside the toilet, we prefer not to touch the tools as there might be germs on them. This set offers hands-off operation for both the items included in it as the trash can comes with a pedal for lifting up the lid and the toilet brush comes with a holder not only to keep it upright but also to keep the germs inside when not in use. This combo has become so popular among consumers that some manufacturers even offer trash cans with built-in toilet brushes.

Here are the top 8 trash cans with toilet brush sets picked by us.

1. Stainless steel trash can with toilet brush set
Cook N Home Stainless Steel Step Trash Can and Toilet Brush

This beautiful combo in stainless steel is a must-have accessory for every bathroom. There is a removable inner bucket made of plastic included with the can for easy and mess-free disposal of trash. The capacity of the trash can is 7L, which is quite impressive. The lid of the can closes slowly instead of slamming down, which is again a great feature. The toilet brush and its holder are included with the set. The exterior of the bin is prone to stains and smudges, which could appear as a disadvantage to some people. However, at this price, it seems like a great addition to a bathroom.

1.8 Gallons capacity Easy to clean Great price-quality ratio
Can rust after some months when put in the same room as the shower
2. ToiletTree Matching trash can and toilet brush
ToiletTree Products Toilet Brush with Lid and 5L Trash Can

If you are tired of plastic bowl brushes that don’t last and look ugly in a bathroom, check out this beautifully designed toilet brush that comes with a matching trash can. Anyone can operate the brush quite easily as you only need to lift it from the container and then put it back inside after use as the lid opens and closes automatically. A great thing about this set is that you can replace the brush with any other ordinary toilet brush without affecting its function. One downside of the product is that it might feel a bit too compact especially for people who are looking for a good-sized toilet brush.

1.3-gallon capacity Solid, heavy-weight and secure Handsfree: When you place the brush back in the holder, the Pressure of the Brush Closes the Lid
Very small (can be a pro or con)
3. Slim Trash can with integrated Toilet brush
ROBTLE Step-On Lid Slim Trash Can with Integrated Toilet Brush

This 3L trash can has been specially designed for use in the toilet and it comes with a built-in toilet brush. It also has a storage feature and an attractive appearance. The compact design of this combo is perfect for bathroom spaces as bathrooms are usually made to be small. Other cleaning items can also be stored inside to keep the germs and odor away. However, there is one downside: the set is made of plastic instead of steel, which may not prove to be very long-lasting.

0.8-gallon capacity The design doesn’t look like a typical trash can Durable and non-rusting ABS plastic With built-in toilet brush
Not a lot of space for trash
4. Stylish design Trash can with integrated toilet brush
FABAX Garbage Bin Push-Type Trash Can with Toilet Brush

If you’re looking for a truly innovative, space-saving but expensive and high-quality trash can and brush combo, look no further. This one might be a little expensive set but it’s totally worth the price. This trash can and toilet brush combo comes in a beautiful gold color and has the ability to make your bathroom look modern and stylish. The brush holder is hidden and built-in, which makes it space-efficient and quite practical. One downside is the high price of this product as some people don’t want to spend a lot of money on bathroom accessories and tools.

Strong, durable material Stylish design Integrated toilet brush Easy to clean
5. Red Trash can and toilet brush set
Harbour Housewares Bathroom Pedal Bin and Toilet Brush Set

A beautiful addition to any bathroom, this set features a red finish and a compact 3L bin to manage the toilet trash easily. The bin is stylish and is therefore also suitable for bedrooms. The rust-proof stainless steel exterior makes it a long-lasting and durable product. The best thing is, this set is totally affordable. The size could be an issue for some people especially those who are looking for large capacity bins for their bathroom.

0,8-gallon capacity Easy to clean with plastic inner bucket Stylish, red design Rust-proof
6. Stylish Bathroom set with a toilet brush
Wkkie Faux Rattan Bathroom Set Pedal Bin and Toilet Brush

This 6L waste bin with matching toilet brush and holder is a truly stylish accessory. The beautiful weave design is perfect for any bathroom, traditional or modern. The holder for the toilet brush keeps the germs away and the brush hidden neatly inside. The set is eco-friendly, which is one of its most prominent features. It might be a bit expensive for some people, which is one disadvantage.

1.6-gallon capacity Stylish faux-ratan design Rust-proof Eco-friendly material
Not cheap
7. Slim Stylish bathroom set with toilet brush
Nileco Slim Bathroom Trash Can Set with Toilet Brush

This plastic trash can set with the textured exterior is not just beautiful and stylish but highly practical and long-lasting at the same time. It comes with an integrated toilet brush and conceals it efficiently with a compact design. Its portable nature makes it excellent not just for home and apartment but also for an RV. The price is higher than most of the integrated sets available out there but if you really want a durable product, then price shouldn’t be a problem.

Stylish design Rust-proof Integrated toilet brush Integrated space for paper towels or trash bags
Not cheap Small trash can
8. Durable stainless steel bathroom set
JLmgd Trash Can Toilet Bowl Brush

This small yet highly practical trash can is made out of superior quality stainless steel that can be a great addition to your modern bathroom. The exterior is fingerprint-proof, easy to clean and durable. The toilet brush is included separately with the set and comes in a matching innovative design. The set is available in two attractive colors. The capacity of the bin is 8L, which could prove to be a disadvantage for those who are looking for smaller bins.

2.1-gallon capacity High-quality stainless steel Soft-closing lid Fingerprint-proof Waterproof and corrosion-resistant
Toilet cleaning is not possible without a toilet brush and a trash can. What if you can find both these products in one easy-to-use and highly practical set? Or you may also prefer a multi-function integrated set in which the toilet brush is built inside the trash can. Most people prefer combo accessories for bathrooms because they become a matching set and look stylish. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a lot of money as you get two products at a reasonable price.

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