Nobody likes to put their ditty laundry on display but that might not be a huge issue if there was a nice dresser or laundry basket holder to look at

There are plenty of nice-looking accessories to help with that which you can find in stores or online but what makes this even better is that you can also go the DIY route.

Build your own custom laundry hamper or laundry basket holder from scratch and make it exactly the way you envision it. You can get really creative with the design and the resources involved. 

Something simple and casual can do the job without taking up a lot of space or requiring too much time and effort to set up. A nice example is this laundry hamper shared on instructables which consists of a frame made out of PVC pipes and a fabric bag. It’s nice and casual and you can customize it in a variety of ways if you want to just by painting the frame or choose a cool-looking fabric for the bag. 

Here’s something super practical that you can build if you have a laundry room or a storage area where you usually keep your laundry baskets. Instead of just keeping them on the floor, you could make a nice organizer for them. This one from instructables can fit two laundry baskets and has a simple and easy to build design. The baskets can easily slide in and out similar to how drawers would work. There’s also a little open storage space at the top where you can keep a few laundry-related things. 

If you’re looking for a super casual and easy way to store or sort your clothes, whether it’s for the laundry room or some other space, you might find this idea from instructables interesting. This basically shows you how you can repurpose a bunch of milk crates or other similar boxes and containers to create a sort of modular storage system for the wall. You can mix and match different colors if you want to. 

In case you haven’t though of this before, you can actually have more than one laundry basket. This can be really helpful if you like to sort and organize your laundry. However, you might also want to build a storage system for them. It could be something super simple, just a set of open shelves big enough to hold a laundry basket each. Depending on your needs, you can include two, four or more modules and you can arrange them in whatever configuration you prefer. We really like the design shared on buildsomething for example. 

Something like this could be perfect if you want to save some space. You could make a tall and slender organizer for the laundry baskets behind the bathroom door in one of the corners of your laundry room. This one has a small footprint and can fit just about anywhere. You can find the specifications for it as well as instructions on how to build it on makeit-loveit. 

You could build something like this. It’s a super simple organizer, something to add to a laundry room or a bathroom for instance. You can keep three laundry baskets in it to sort your laundry and there’s easy access to them from all sides. There’s also a small surface on top that you can store laundry detergents and various other things on in order to keep everything in one place. Check out the plans and instructions on ana-white for more details. 

Here’s a similar design but with a different aesthetic. This is a laundry organizer that takes up little space and that you can fit next to your washer and dryer for easy access and convenience. You can several shelves, as many as needed. This particular organizer which you can check out on housefulofhandmade can hold three laundry baskets and has a roomy space at the top for detergents and other supplies as well. 

A great way to make furniture and accessories that have character is by using reclaimed wood in their design. With that in mind, check out this wonderful storage unit for laundry baskets shared by Specific Love Creations. It’s made of reused pallet boards which are very inexpensive and that you could even get for free. Putting all of this together shouldn’t be a problem, not ever for a beginner DIYer. 

A really cool idea is to disguise your laundry storage as a beautiful dresser. You could make it look very authentic and include all sorts of little details in the design like stylish drawer knobs or handles, decorative trims and molding and so on. To give it even more character, you could give the dresser a slightly distressed finish at the end. There’s a great tutorial on shanty-2-chic which guides you through the whole process step by step. 

What’s nice about building your own laundry basket storage unit from scratch is that you can make it fit as many baskets or shelves as you need it to. For instance, if you have a big family or if you like to have your laundry sorted in a very specific way, you could have a bunch of different baskets with labels on them and they could all the stored in a minimalistic unit like this one. Check out practicallyfunctional for a complete tutorial on this. 


Building a cabinet around your laundry baskets shouldn’t it difficult since there aren’t really many details to worry about. A simple cabinet-like unit to disguise everything is easy to design and to build. You can check out the plans for this particular project on rootsandwingsfurniture if you like the aesthetics and the main idea behind it. It can of course be modified and made to fit perfectly into the space that you have available. 

We also like the design suggestions offered on goodshomedesign. These organizers can hold three laundry baskets each and you can potentially have two modules placed side by side or one on top of the other, depending on the space that’s available and your preferences. The design is very simple and straight forward and this could make a really cool weekend project. 

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Laundry Hamper with Dual Compartments

If you’d much rather save some time and effort and buy the product instead of building from scratch, we’d love to share with you some of our favorite models, like this bamboo laundry hamper. It has two sections so you can organize your laundry into whites and colored or however else you prefer and it’s sleek, simple, versatile and quite small in size. The baskets slide in and out easily and there’s a space on top for storage and handles so you can easily move the whole thing closer to the washer when needed. 

Bretoes Laundry Basket Bathroom Multi-layer Clothes

This organizer from Bretoes is also quite cool in its own way. What we like about this one is the fact that it has storage baskets of different sizes which is very convenient if you want to sort the laundry but don’t need a whole lot of space for each type. It’s also a freestanding module with casters on the bottom so you can move it around very easily. The design is simple and very versatile which also means you can potentially use this to store and organize other things apart from laundry, like crafting supplies or fruits and veggies for example. 

Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit (350 lbs loading capacity per shelf)

Something less specific could also work. For example, check out this Amazon Basics shelving unit. It’s not designed to hold laundry baskets in particular but it can definitely be a great addition to the laundry room. It has generously-sized shelves that can hold a multitude of items and it’s made of metal which makes it strong and sturdy. The wire shelves are also adjustable which gives you more freedom when organizing your items. 

Whitmor 3 Tier Rolling Laundry Cart

You might be familiar with this sort of cart-like storage module. It’s very convenient and very versatile as well. The casters on the bottom make it super easy to move it around where needed and the small dimensions mean you can fit this even in a tiny room. This can be a nice companion in the laundry room or in the bathroom. You can fit it next to existing cabinets or next to the washer/dryer and use it to store various detergents, cleaning products and so on. Check it out on Amazon. 

ROMOON 4 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

If you have space for a bigger laundry sorter, perhaps something like this could look great in your laundry room. The Romoon organizer gives your 4 laundry hampers which is great if you want each family member to have their own slot or if you want to sort your laundry in a specific way. It has casters and handles so it’s a cart that you can push and move around easily if ever needed. This lets you get it out of the way when you’re cleaning or move it closer to the washing machine. 

Double Laundry Hamper with Lid and Removable Bags

It’s simple, casual and you can get it in a variety of different colors. This double laundry hampers from Simple Houseware is perfect for most homes. It has removable laundry bags and a lid that you can hold so nothing stays in plain sight which is great no matter where you decide to keep this thing. There are also handles on the sides so you can easily grab it and move it. It’s also durable and lightweight and super easy to store if you ever want to get rid of it temporarily. 

Laundry Cloth Hamper Sorter Basket Bin Foldable

You might also want to check out this Brightshow laundry sorter which has three separate compartments with color, light and dark clothes. It’s not too big but not too small either and it’s lightweight and foldable. When folded it becomes a giant bag and you can easily store it out of sight or move it somewhere else. It’s simple, convenient and you can even get it in different color combinations. 

Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper

If you want something that’s specifically made to be portable and easy to fold and store, you’re going to like this mesh popup laundry hamper. It becomes tiny when you fold it and it’s very generous in size when you unfold it, a perfect combination if you’re short of space or you want to be able to easy transport your laundry in one single basket. It’s great for college dorms, if you’re renting a space without a laundry room or even when you’re traveling. 

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