New Craftsman Versastak Organizer has a Lower Profile and Better Space Utilization

A reader (thank you Aaron!) alerted us to a new Craftsman Versastack clear-lidded small parts organizer that’s thinner than the previous version. If you’ve ever seen the older Craftsman Versastack or Dewalt TSTAK organizers, your impression was probably similar to mine: “Why are they so much thicker and waste so much more space than another company’s organizers?”

This new design (CMST17817) holds 2 large bins, 6 small bins, and 2 long bins at the sides — whereas the old design held 2 large bins and 5 small bins that were surrounded by several molded-in compartments.
Left: New Craftsman Versastack organizer; Right: Older Versastack organizer with author’s 3D-printed dividers.
Another improvement is that the new Versastack’s polycarbonate lid has a gasket, making it IP54-rated for water and dust resistance. The metal latches are also made of an anti-rust material.

One thing you lose in the new design is the narrow label slot on the front of the lid, but you could easily add a self-adhesive label to the box itself.

Since this is a Versastack case, it has the side latches and latch points that allow it to lock together with other Craftsman Versastack (and Dewalt TSTAK) tool boxes and organizers.

Normally the price of these new Craftsman Versastack organizers is $22, but right now you can pick one up at Lowe’s or Menards for $18.

Price: $18

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The new Versastack organizer is made in the USA with global materials.
If you’ve ever seen the old Craftsman Versastack or Dewalt TSTAK small parts organizer, it’s a testament to wasted space. It’s much taller than it needs to be to house the bins and there are all these awkwardly-sized trays and bit holders molded into the case that try to take advantage of this wasted space.

This new organizer is 4.6″ tall (not 3.87″ like Lowe’s claims) vs the old one that measures 5.8″ tall. This may may not seem like much, but when you start stacking the cases, you can get 5 of the new cases in approximately the same space that 4 of the old ones would fit.

They added these long, shallow bins to sit on the sides of the case where the latching system intrudes into the body of the case. While they are an awkward size, they could be handy for storing long bits, blades of fasteners that won’t fit in most other organizers.
The Craftsman Versastack organizers shown in this post were purchased at retail. Related Posts: Craftsman Versastack Tool Box System – First Look Dewalt Flip-Bin Organizer New Craftsman Versastack Cooler #SmallPartsOrganization #NewTools #CraftsmanVersastack #MadeInUSA #CraftsmanCMST17817