Many people have wished, at times, for things the slow down

They yearn for what some have called “simpler times”. So, if you’re staying home in your apartment in NYC or on Long Island, why not take this time to get some important, AND fun things accomplished.

Keep a Journal

We are so busy these days it seems as if one day just passes into the next, so while you have this opportunity, why not start a journal? Some folks paint and some people like to garden, well, a journal is just like that…it distracts you from the real world for a moment or two and allows you write down your innermost thoughts. “Journaling” is easy to get started too…just grab an old notebook (everyone has one lying around) and here are a few ideas to get you started. First, you can keep track of your daily interactions inside and outside of your apartment. Or, write down the favorite song you heard during each day, put it at the top of the page and call it “song-of-the-day” and go from there. Here’s another idea, keep track of your exercise routine, write a love letter to the earth, set goals you want to achieve and so on. In addition, your journal can serve as therapy. Either way you’re doing something constructive and keeping your mind busy.

Photo Albums

Don’t lie, not all your favorite photos are on your phone! I’m sure we all have tons of old photos lying around in a bin, or shoebox in our apartment closets. Why not create that photo album you’ve been trying to get accomplished? Look around your apartment for half empty photo albums and fill ‘em up! Re-organize the pictures by category; children, vacation, grandparents. Gather the kids around and let them see that old wedding album (you never take out of its protective case). Not only will this pass the time, it may make your kids laugh a bit. Lastly, go on-line and upload all your favorite photos that have been clogging up your phone and turn them into prints- without ever having to leave the comfort of your living room!

Game Night

When’s the last time you and your family pulled out a board game and had a game night? Let’s face it, some kids these days haven’t played a game of Scrabble or Monopoly…ever! Hard to believe right? But it’s true. So, why not dust off the game of LIFE that’s been at the top of your closet for years. These old-school games can be fun and help keep your brain functioning and alert. Put the phones down, shut off Netflix, turn on some music and let the games begin! Snacks help too!

Music is Life

Somewhere in your apartment, deep in the back of your closet is that acoustic guitar or clarinet you’ve been dying to take out and play. Well, here’s your chance! Pull it out and show the rest of your family how it’s done! Sure, you might not be the best…no problem, this is time (while you’re staying in your apartment) to work on getting better! You promised yourself you were going to do this…so now’s the time! The best way we’ve found to learn is head over to YouTube and look for videos titled; “beginner tutorials,” or “cover tunes,” you can even learn some of your favorite songs! Just be aware, you do live in an apartment that is shared with multiple neighbors and friends, so please, no late-night hours, or using loud amplifiers, let’s stick with acoustic instruments for now. Oh, and for the frustrated drummer in your apartment… pillows and wooden spoons work great!


It’s Face Zoom Skype Time

One great way to stay connected these days is to take advantage of all the video conferencing tools that are all around us! Platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, Rave, etc., are a great way of staying connected to our friends and family when going out of our apartments is less common. We’ve seen Virtual Happy Hours taking place, Living Room Concerts, as well as Book Clubs…all happening on-line! Lastly, we are sure most people by now have Amazon Echo’s in their apartments, these devices work great! Video Chatting using your Echo device is as easy as making a phone call. Just say, “Alexa, call grandma” it’s that simple! Just make sure you sync your contacts with your Alexa device via the app and you’re all set.


Bills and Papers and Filing Oh My!

OK, so we talked about all the fun things you can do while staying in your apartments on Long Island, Brooklyn or Queens. But now it’s time to talk about something important you may have put off for a while. Filing those bills, invoices or contracts that have been piling up on your desk at home! Now’s the time to organize, shred, or file those important papers you said you’d get to eventually. In addition, why not create those on-line bill-pay accounts you’ve been trying to get to too. You can even set up auto payments on some of your most often recurring bills like rent or credit cards.


Who says staying-in must be a time of all-work and no-play? There are so many other options we didn’t even have time to mention like stepping-up your baking game (cookies, cakes etc.), dusting off that exercise bike, taking an on-line photography class, or finally reading that book you’ve always promised yourself you’d read…(Moby Dick is long, sure) but while staying home, you’ve got nothing but time!

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