Living in a dorm this year and want to make the most of your under bed dorm storage space? Here are the best ideas, hacks, and items that will give you 10x the amount of storage space you had before!

Everyone knows living in a dorm room is a huge adjustment to living in your bedroom at home. Tile floors, community bathrooms, and worst of all, the size. If you are a big planner like me, you are probably already wondering, "How the f- am I supposed to fit everything I need into such a small space?!"

The good news is, while you will not be living in as big of a bedroom as you are probably used to, there are still tons of ways to organize your things and optimize the storage space in your bedroom.

The best way to do that is to really take advantage of the storage space under your bed. With a little planning and some top-notch organizers, you can completely transform how you use the storage area under your bed.

Here are the absolute best under bed dorm storage products, as well as genius ideas to copy that will help transform your extra space into a usable storage area!

This post is all about under bed dorm storage.




1. Cloth Under Bed Storage Bags

Cloth storage bags are the tried and true way to create under bed dorm storage. Granted, they may not be as stylish as other storage options, but most college students cover their storage area under the bed with a bed skirt anyways. Both of these cloth storage bag options create easy, movable storage under your bed. Plus, they are the least expensive option, so if you are on a budget, these will be your best bet.

These also come in handy when you're moving in out and out of the dorm. I had them under my dorm bed and when it came time to move out I already had half my clothes packed.

2. Dual Sided Opening Fabric Storage Box

Buy on Target

Looking for under bed dorm storage that is still stylish? These containers from Target are perfect for storing clothing in a way that will not be an eyesore under your dorm bed.

Having to pull your bins fully out from under your bed is such a hassle especially in tight spaces like a dorm room, and the best part about these storage bins is that you can open them from either side, which makes accessing things under your dorm bed so much easier.

3. Farmhouse Under Bed Storage Box

Buy on The Container Store

Where better to look for storage containers than The Container Store? The Container Store should be every college student's favorite store when it comes to dorm room organization. They have so many storage options ranging from plastic storage bins to sophisticated cloth bins that look stunning under dorm beds.

These farmhouse-style beige bins are the perfect size to store clothing, shoes, and snacks under your bed; this is an option you can definitely get behind if you are looking for bins that serve as storage but still look amazing under your dorm bed.


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3. White 4 Drawer Wide Weave Tower

Buy on Walmart

This four-drawer storage unit is the perfect alternative to an expensive dresser. It gives you the look of a sleek piece of furniture and the same amount of storage space but at a fraction of the cost of wooden furniture.

These storage towers are the perfect size to slide under dorm beds to organize folded clothing, underwear, swimsuits, and all other things you want close but out of sight.

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4. Rolling Under bed Zippered Storage Bin

Buy on Walmart

Having storage containers with wheels makes accessing your stored things 100x easier. These cloth containers from Walmart are super budget-friendly but still look really sleek!

The mesh covering makes seeing what is inside your storage containers a lot easier but will still protect all your things from dust and dirt.

6. Storage Cube Organizer

Using storage cubes in your dorm room is the best way to create functional but cute storage space. Chances are, your dorm bed is either already high enough or can be adjusted to keep one of these organization cubes under them You can use any square-shaped baskets in them, which makes creating stylish organization under your bed fun and easy.

I would personally suggest a storage cube like this one that has a back on it to prevent your things from falling backward.

7. Storage Unit With Plastic Bins

Buy on IKEA

IKEA always pulls through with the best organization and storage products, so it is no surprise that they have just the products you need to create under bed dorm storage.

This storage unit comes with baskets, which makes grabbing what you need from under your bed super easy. It's a super practical way to organize your clothing, food, and school supplies!

8. Cloth Under Bed Shoe Organizer

If you are a shoe fanatic, you will most likely need additional shoe storage. Cloth shoe organizers are the perfect solution to organizing your shoe collection. These will not only keep your shoes organized but will also keep them clean! It's a great way to store shoes you want to bring to college but don't plan on wearing frequently.

9. Shoe Rack With Wheels

This rolling shoe rack is one more genius way to organize your shoes. If you need extra shoe storage but want easy access to them under your bed, a shoe rack is the way to go. You will love having a shoe rack like this to keep your shoes clean, organized, and off of your floor.

10. Galvanized Metal Rolling Under Bed Storage

Buy on Wayfair

Here is another stylish under bed dorm storage option that you will love if you're a fan of rustic-themed decor. This rolling bin is the perfect size to slide under your bed (and it can hold a ton of stuff). 

Plus, its stylish rustic design looks super stylish; it is an option you will absolutely love regardless if you can see it under your bed or not.

11. Collapsible Storage Ottoman Bench with Seat Back

Buy on Dormify

Dormify has pretty much everything you could need for your dorm room. What more could you ask for than a product that organizes, adds seating, and still looks stylish in your dorm?

The bench can be folded up to create a chair or down to slide under your bed. The bottom of the bench contains open storage that you can use to organize shoes, clothing, or things you don’t want your RA to see .

12. Under Bed Storage Baskets

Buy on The Container Store

You really can’t go wrong with using baskets to store and organize your things under your bed. The Container Store, HomeGoods, Target, and Amazon all have amazing options for under bed storage baskets.

These are the perfect size to use if your dorm bed is lower to the ground!

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13. Under Bed Dorm Storage Trunk

Buy on Dormify

Now, I am aware storage trunks like these are a little more expensive, but they are the best way to add a ton of extra storage and still look stylish in dorm rooms. My roommate bought a storage trunk like this freshman year and used it to put all her extra shoes and clothing. She is shoe-obsessed, so this pretty much saved her freshman year. 

PS. Check your school's local buy and sell page or Facebook Marketplace for these first! Many girls end up selling theirs after freshman year at half the cost they bought it at.


14. Rolling Wire Rack With Bins

Recreate this under bed dorm storage idea:

This dorm room is the perfect example of how you can use under the bed storage to organize your things in an easily accessible way. Use a wire rolling rack to organize all your storage bags.

You can also use racks like this for shoes, snacks, and other things you want out of sight in your dorm room.

15. Lofted Dorm Bed Storage

Recreate this under bed dorm storage idea:

Buy on Dormify

If you plan to loft your dorm bed, this is the perfect inspiration for you. Lofting your bed allows you to really take advantage of the space under your bed! You can use this space to create a seating area with a futon or create a workable desk space. 

Dormify sells this super stylish six-drawer organizer that is the perfect size to use under your bed and looks amazing even in plain sight.

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16. Use A Tension Rod Under Your Bed To Hang Clothing

I wish I had taken a picture of my friend’s under bed dorm storage when I was a freshman, but she basically had the most genius idea ever. She used a tension rod between the legs of her dorm bed and basically created a closet. She ended up being able to hang a ton of clothes under her bed, and if that's not a genius idea for all the clothing lovers out there, I don't know what is.

Measure the length of your bed and buy a tension rod that can be extended to both ends. I promise you will be so grateful for this... I totally wish I had thought of it my freshman year.

17. Use A Rolling Clothing Rack Under Your Lofted Bed

Recreate this under bed dorm storage idea:

A rolling clothing rack is a perfect way to create closet space under a lofted bed. It can be difficult to fit all your clothing in a small dorm closet, so if you need a little extra storage space for hanging clothes, here you go (and with a sleek gold clothing rack like this, you won’t even mind seeing it in your dorm room)!

18. Use Cute Baskets In Your Storage Cube

Recreate this under bed dorm storage idea:

This dorm room is an amazing example of how you can create under bed dorm storage without sacrificing your aesthetic. After you buy your storage cube, buy baskets that match the colors in your dorm room.

In no time you'll have organized storage that keeps your items out of sight, as well as decor that matches your dorm room!

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19. Cover Shelving With A Bed Skirt

Recreate this under bed dorm storage idea:

Using shelves, boxes, and containers under your bed is the best way to organize but can sometimes be unsightly. To fix this, just cover your shelving and boxes with a dorm skirt! No matter how or what you use to organize the space under your dorm bed, a bed skirt will completely hide any mess you have.

This post was all about dorm must haves.
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