Kids’ Room Under-Bed Toy Storage Update

This may seem like a small update but it’s truly the small changes that make our small space work for us. I often update you on major changes but forget to let you know when the small changes end up working well for us. Last year we removed a large shelf from the kids bedroom and replaced it with a smaller shelf beside the bunk beds. We also added 3 large under bed bins (previous post here). One for Mae, One for Theo, One for Art/Drawing supplies. This has been working really well for us. I credit a few reasons for this below.

Mae in Petits Vilains (always) always finding more dangerous ways to climb the ladder.

Not having to share

Our kids share most things. They share a room and a small space. We are all constantly compromising, shifting ourselves and being aware of each other in our small space. I LOVE this. I think it has shaped them in a positive way, as tiny humans, to consider others. In the case of these bins I love that in this small way they have something that is completely their own. They each have their own bin and are responsible for putting their toys back in that bin.

Limiting Toys

I love that a box helps limit how many toys they each have. If the toys are spilling out of the box then we know it’s time to reevaluate what they have and what is actually being played with. Conversations are ongoing about toy editing for us.


Favourite, special and pretty toys end up on the shelf along with our LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK boxes. I’ve shared about our love for them on Instagram but not sure I ever shared it here. We are loving them for LEGO organization as well as finally having a spot to keep in process creations on display.

As for the under bed bins, they are filled with whatever the kids are into at the moment and doesn’t always look great in their shared room. We also use small boxes, zippered pouches or felt baskets within the bins to corral and organize like items.

The bins I have are Ikea Kuggis but I think more importantly it is that the three bins are the same and that they fit under the bed easily. I think any baskets or bins that are matching or similar in shape and style under the bed would work great. You could also find them second hand.