Kick the Clutter with these Husky Storage Products

Husky 3-Tier Garage Shelving Unit

It’s just about that time of year again – winter cleanup!

Husky – a ToolGuyd sponsor – has sent over a lot of storage products over the years. I kept and still use most of them, and continue to buy a couple of more Husky and HDX totes and storage bins at Home Depot every year.

Why? One simple reason – Husky’s storage products are very useful. They have a good selection of bins, totes, and shelving racks, enough to suit just about any homeowner or tool user’s needs.

Shown above, I really like Husky’s 3-shelf welded garage storage shelving unit. I have mine (thank you Home Depot!) loaded up with gardening supplies, tools, and related equipment. It hasn’t moved an inch, there’s not a spot of rust, and I have covered every inch of it, mostly with bins or loose bulky items such as nesting garden tubs.

Husky 4-Tier Garage Shelving Rack

The design has changed a little over the years, but the strength and capacity hasn’t; each shelf can hold up to 2500 lbs.

Home Depot has several different sizes of welded shelving racks- 3-tier, 4-tier, and 5-tier.

Husky Professional Storage Bin

I posted about Husky’s Pro Duty waterproof storage bins 2 years ago, and I am definitely buying a couple more this season.

These Husky totes are tough, and their clear polycarbonate lids are incredibly tough. Husky says these bins have a 500 lb weight capacity, which I’m still shocked about. But, they can handle it.

They are dustproof and waterproof with an IP65 rating.

Husky Professional Storage Bin Hinges

One of the best parts – if you leave two of the latches attached to the lid, they can function as a hinge. You get easy access and with less risk of the lid being misplaced. Sadly, I must admit to having temporarily misplaced a tote bin lid or two in the past.

Husky’s claims of these bins being heavy duty, durable, and impact resistant doesn’t quite give it justice – these are definitely the toughest tote bins I’ve ever used. The next time you’re at a Home Depot, check them out – you’ll see what I mean.

These Pro-duty latched bins are available from 5 to 30 gallons in size.

Husky Latch and Stack Tote Bins

I’ve got some Husky Stack and Latch bins in the attic. They don’t deform when it’s hot, or crack when it’s cold.

They’re convenient for holding all kinds of stuff, especially long and bulky items, such as reusable tomato, pepper, and cucumber gardening cages and related products.

Husky Latch and Stack Tote Bins in a Tower

These bins aren’t as durable as the clear-lid Husky bins mentioned above, but they can still hold up to 100 pounds, and stand up well to bumps, drops, and pointy tools and related products.

What I love about Husky is that they have storage products for all kinds of needs, applications, and usage environments.

At the time of this posting, here’s what I have been using:

  • Garage-style base cabinets (fantastic!)
  • Heavy duty clear-lid bins
  • Stacking bins
  • 3-tier shelf
  • Mobile workbench
  • Portable organizers
  • tool bags

This isn’t a list of what they have, it’s a list of the Husky storage products that I have been using for years with great results.

Wait! There’s an error!

  • Stationary workbenches/desks

I have a Husky adjustable-height workbench, and will be getting another one. Or two.

I used to buy a mix of consumer storage products on occasion, but Husky has become my defacto source for storage bins and totes, for both my workshop and home needs.