IKEA Laundry Room Keeps Space Nice and Neat

This IKEA laundry room displays creative solutions when space is limited!

For IKD customer Ali from Montclair, NJ, her recent IKEA laundry room project required a very clean job.

She explains: “We wanted a space that was clean and simple, that provided functional storage and large counter-tops. Stylistically, we wanted an area that was clean and bright with maximum storage and included a bar sink (used for handwashing) and an area to hang wet clothes.”

Notably, the laundry room project was actually part of a larger remodel project that included her bathroom and mudroom. But it was the laundry room that was especially important to the family’s lifestyle. To better conceive of her IKEA design layout, Ali first looked on design Web sites like HOUZZ and Pinterest. “But I actually went into the IKEA store and was able to easily pick out my cabinet fronts after seeing something I liked,” she adds.

So, with a budget of $5,000 and design guidance from IKD (along with a general contractor for cabinet installation), Ali selected IKEA SEKTION cabinetry framework along with IKEA VOXTORP for the upper and base cabinetry which immediately gave the space a more airy, open feel as well as an almost museum quality.

She explains: “I liked the idea of not needing hardware and the VOXTORP doors allowed us to have a very clean look. We had originally planned to use custom Semihandmade doors but then I saw VOXTORP at IKEA and loved them! The reason we chose to work with IKD was to save time and to have a comprehensive design plan and an inventory list of necessary items. Our contractor really appreciated the detailed plans IKD provided.”

To that end, the look was complemented with quartz countertops made to look like Calacatta marble, sourced from New York Stone Works in Clifton, NJ. The countertops run from the washer and dryer area by the window to the opposite end which features a sink and pullout faucet. Adding to the bright feeling in the long, narrow space is high-hat lighting (which replaced old track lighting taken down by an electrician) as well as plenty of natural lighting.

The end result is an impressive, bright space that not only complements her nearby mudroom, but also provides a highly functional and efficient space ideal for even the toughest laundry jobs.

Let’s see how Ali’s IKEA laundry room came together!

Clean as a Whistle

According to Ali, the IKEA SEKTION cabinetry with VOXTORP fronts provided an affordable storage solution.

“Our laundry room is right off the mudroom, so it was important for us to have a small hamper or laundry bin included so when my kids came in from outside. We now have a place to put dirty socks or muddy clothes rather than dragging them through the house. I really wanted two large drawers to hold some bigger items such as laundry baskets and cleaning buckets as well.”

“The space provides some storage for extra home essentials too, including things for the kitchen such as dish soap, paper towels, napkins, sponges, plastic bags, etc.,” she says. “We also needed to create as much counter space as possible, especially since we have a top-load washer,” she adds.

Specifically, the VOXTORP cabinetry offers ample storage above the large quartz countertops and below, with plenty of room to store detergents and other cleaning supplies as well as a tidy row for hangars to hang wet shirts, pants and tops and dry recently washed items. Also, her request for large countertops was achieved with the stylish quartz countertops which serve the dual purpose of providing space to fold the laundry.

However, achieving these results wasn’t straightforward. In fact, the project ran into several issues due to COVID-19.

“Our main obstacle was IKEA itself. Basically, half of our order never arrived and we couldn’t get anyone on the phone. They had a lot of fulfillment issues due to COVID-19, and IKEA also sent us the incorrect cabinet doors,” she says. Luckily, these issues were resolved with IKD’s signature Extra Items List which provided her with a run-down of the necessary items not included in IKEA’s Home Planner software, ultimately enabling her contractor to more easily finish the project and save time.

She concludes: “The bathroom part of this project was inspired by a hotel we had stayed at in Iceland, and because the tile from the bathroom continues into the mudroom and laundry room, we decided to start our design there. The flooring is a very dark grey and the bathroom is pretty dark and moody, so we wanted the laundry room to be very white and bright [as a nice contrast to the overall design theme]. This was a huge upgrade!”

Parting Advice

After her successful IKEA laundry room, Ali has some parting advice for other IKEA customers who are just starting their own re-model project.

“I strongly suggest that you take advantage of online design companies like IKD as well as installers who can facilitate the more pain-staking parts of the process,” she says.

Lastly, she suggests to check out your local IKEA store to get design ideas, and at the same time be willing to consider using cabinet fronts and legs from other companies that manufacture products meant to fit IKEA cabinets.

(Note: the New York Times recommends us as a design resource for IKEA customers considering custom doors for their cabinets.) We’re so glad you like your IKEA laundry room Ali, and that the entire experience was nice and tidy!

Learn more about how we can design your IKEA kitchen, bath, laundry room and other rooms at inspiredkitchendesign.com.

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