Ikea hacks make for a fun, adventurous, and rewarding DIY project

Plus, farmhouse style decor is ultra-chic and popular. Therefore, Ikea and farmhouse style go hand in hand with these unbelievably beautiful (and easy) hack ideas.

Ikea hacks and farmhouse style – these two are a match made in paradise. Given how easy it is to personalize Ikea furniture, turning them into farmhouse pieces is an affordable way to add to your farmhouse decor.

While you may long for farmhouse style furniture, its popularity can cause the price tag to be much higher than many people want to pay. Take matters into your own hands by making your own!
Easier-Than-You-Think Farmhouse Style Ikea Hacks
The magnetic draw to Ikea furniture is the wallet-friendly cost. The downside is that the furniture looks very simple, and due to the affordable price everyone on your block probably has the same piece.

The solution is surprisingly easy – take the simple furniture base Ikea provides and upgrade it with farmhouse charm to make it fit your decor perfectly.

I have scoured the web to find 15 amazing examples of farmhouse style Ikea hacks that you will absolutely love and want to create for your own home. Let’s dive right in.
Farmhouse Moppe Hack | The Country Chic Cottage
Turn your Moppe mini storage chest into a farmhouse thing of beauty that’s perfect for any home with this easy (and easily adaptable) hack. The cup handles absolutely “make” this hack!
Potato and Vegetable Bin | Stow and TellU
This hack is genius! Turn a 3 drawer Rast chest into the ultimate onion and potatoes storage bin – and one that looks tailor-made for the job. The mesh hardware cut-outs in the drawers? Adorable. I want one for my house.
Farmhouse Dining Table | East Coast Creative Blog
I seriously had to read this entire tutorial – twice – to believe this table is an Ikea dining table (a $69 Ingo table, no less)! This hack is so well executed that it creates a beautiful farmhouse style table that looks like it cost 10x (or more) what it actually costs.
Sideboard Table Makeover | Lolly Jane
A couple of cans of stain transform this simple Ikea sideboard table from “meh” to “wow”. A simple hack even brand new beginners can do, this table will look ah-may-zing in any house.
Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island | Golden Boys and Me
This is another one of those Ikea hacks that caused me to do a double-take to make sure it was really Ikea furniture. Here, two Billy bookcases come together with butcher block on top to become a kitchen island that doubles as a load-bearing room divider wall. It looks like it was built with the house.
Coffee Bar Ikea Hack | The Inspired Hive
If you love coffee, then having your own personal coffee bar is a must. Convert an Ikea Tarva dresser into a farmhouse style thing of beauty complete with cup handles (I’m a sucker for cup handles). This easy peasy transformation is oh so pretty!
Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cart | Oliver and Rust
This farmhouse decor Ikea hack is more complex than some, but the final product is worth every second of effort that you put into creating this piece. This sturdy kitchen cart offers additional kitchen storage in a very chic way.
Tarva Dresser Ikea Hack | Depetitdoux
Beautiful and functional – my kind of hack! This Ikea hack idea creates a very unique – and expensive-looking – dresser that will turn heads and elicit compliments from all who see it. The best part of this hack is that it doesn’t require many materials, making it extremely affordable.
Farmhouse Style Mirror | Edea Smith
Can you believe this elegant-looking mirror is an Ikea piece? I bet no one else on your block has a mirror quite like this one – a mirror that looks this good would never be identified as an Ikea mirror.
Whitewashed Wardrobe | Thinking Closet
One of the things I love the most about farmhouse decor is that you don’t need to style your entire house in farmhouse style. Instead, you can enjoy a piece or two of farmhouse decor in almost ANY style of home. Ikea hacks like this wardrobe are perfect examples of what I mean. This piece would look stunning in any home.
Rustic Cube Shelves | Homemade Lovely
Turn a classic Kallax cube piece into gorgeous rustic cube shelves thanks to some paint and wood pallet doors. Can’t you just see this piece in your family room? I can visualize it in mine!
Apothecary Cubbies Hack | Sawdust 2 Stitches
This Ikea hack idea is deceptively simple. All those apothecary drawers are actually drawer fronts attached to doors. Open the doors to find large cubbies for storing anything you want. Creative and stunning.
Farmhouse Console | In Between Console
Four Ikea Rast dressers join together into one large, beautifully designed farmhouse style media console. This piece provides oodles of storage and looks way more chic and expensive than it originally was!
Cage Light Sconce | Nalle’s House
Use the Ekeby Valter Bracket from Ikea together with an industrial pendant light to achieve farmhouse decor genius. Embrace that industrial look in a very chic and functional way.
Farmhouse Bathroom Shelf | Thistlewood Farms
One of the faster Ikea hacks on this list, this bathroom shelf makeover could be your next weekend DIY project. Budget-friendly and oh, so pretty, this unit will look amazing in any bathroom.

I hope you found some ideas on this list that you love as much as I do! Let these farmhouse style Ikea hacks inspire you to take on your next weekend DIY project and create something beautiful for your home.
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