If you read our book (and why wouldn’t you?) then at some point you found yourself on page 188, where we shared our project highlights from Kacey Musgraves’ closet

It’s basically our dream closet. Partly because of the items that live there, like the rainbow-fringe handbag and cactus high heels, and also because we were able to design the layout for a custom Elfa system before we even started organizing. 

Are you aware that being able to design the layout of a space is an organizer’s ultimate dream? Let us fill you in. A custom build-out system allows us to do our jobs, and then some. It gives us the ability to maximize space and customize every inch to fit a client’s needs, without having to tear down any walls or make any permanent changes. 

Since then, Kacey has moved into a new home and called on us once again to help design and organize her closet, which she shares with her husband. For Kacey’s previous closet, we used a standard Elfa system, which allowed us to customize the shelving, placement of hanging racks, and even create an accessory station. But not the small details that would have elevated the space from an aesthetic standpoint. 

And then came Avera, The Container Store’s newest line, that blends our need for form and function perfectly. Here are some quick highlights: 
The back panels can be cut to any width, allowing them to be seamless and designed from wall-to-wall  A wider variety of shelving to choose from, including angled shoe shelves, heel stops, and dimmable LED-lighting Made-to-fit storage cubes and accessory bins to either display or conceal your items  Drawer pulls aren’t required and can be designed to push to open and close softly 4 different finishes to choose from: Cloud, Dune, Truffle, and Stone
For Kacey’s closet, we started by choosing a finish and went with Dune, a light woodgrain that matched the overall aesthetic of her home. Our primary goal was to showcase her signature style, while also creating a functional his and her side of the closet with optimal hanging room and shelf space. 

We designed shelving that put her most colorful accessories on display in the center, complete with acrylic clutch holders, and reserved the bottom half for shoes she wears on a more regular basis. 

On the opposite shelf, we stored the rest of Kacey’s accessories by category in THE Divided All-Purpose Bins and THE Drawers, which took advantage of height while still making it easy for her to grab-and-go.

We designed drawers for underneath the shelving system to store all clothing items that can’t be hung and Avera’s custom inserts for Kacey’s smaller accessory and more delicate items. Since Kacey travels so often, we made sure to reserve the flat surface above the drawers to help with packing. 

Double hanging rods are everything in a closet. Since we utilized the drawers on the opposite wall and used stackable bins, we were able to frame her colorful display wall of shoes and accessories with a set of double hanging rods and a single rod for long dresses on either side. If you notice, we swapped out the black velvet huggable hangers in Kacey’s old closet for white linen hangers to avoid too harsh of a contrast with the new finish.

The top shelf is reserved for all of Kacey’s seasonal and sentimental items, which we stored in white Montauk bins with white bin clips. Since the closet is full of so much color, the white bins bring fresh uniformity. 

After designing Kacey’s closet with Avera, let’s just say we are already wanting to design our own. I mean, how could we not? Thankfully, ALL custom-closet systems at The Container Store are on-sale until 10/13. TCS, we love you. 


Clea + Joanna 

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