If there was ever a time to go all out on holiday joyfulness and Christmas decor 2020 is it, and inflatable Christmas decorations make it super easy to do

Holiday inflatables take a lot of the work and fuss out of creating a spectacular holiday display in your front yard. People love these because as they drive by, it gives them a dose of seasonal cheer. Depending on the size of your yard, you can create a focal point with one large holiday inflatable or an entire holiday display with multiple inflatable Christmas decorations. To get the greatest — and longest — enjoyment from your inflatables, there are a few tips and tricks to displaying them, as well as storing them.

Pick the Right Spot.

As with any type of decorating, a little planning goes a long way. First, consider if you live in a neighborhood with a Home Owners Association and if there are my restrictions on the types or sizes of holiday decorations that you can display. If not, only your budget and imagination will limit your display!

For the biggest impact, you want to make sure you have enough room so that your yard – however large or small — does not seem crowded. (Sometimes less is more!) Check the outdoor space you have and measure it before you buy an inflatable. here should be enough space between the inflatables that they aren’t hitting each other if the wind kicks up. They should also be far enough from trees so that there’s no risk of branches puncturing them. Wherever you set up the inflatable should also be close enough to an outlet, and even then you’ll probably need to have an outdoor extension cord. 

Pay Attention to the Fan

The fan is critical to keeping the inflatable upright and looking good, so be sure that it’s positioned properly. You’ll need to make sure there’s nothing near the fan that might hinder the air flowing into the fan. This ensures that not only will your figure inflate properly, but there won’t be anything in the way to impede the airflow and cause the fan to overheat. 

Secure them!

Inflatable Christmas decorations must be secured so they don’t blow away. All of them generally come with tethers included so that you can secure the inflatable to the ground. Tethering them to the ground after they are inflated will help your decorations keep the proper shape and stay secure even when the winds blow. It will also help if you keep them inflated for limited periods. In fact, many manufacturers recommend that you unplug them after eight hours to keep the blower in top shape.

A Little Maintenance Helps

Inflatable Christmas decorations are generally made from nylon or other synthetic materials that are durable and waterproof. This means that they are fine to sit out in the rain or snow, although you’ll want to avoid placing them where puddles typically form. If you have difficulties keeping them inflated in wet weather, try unplugging the inflatable and bringing it indoors so that it can dry out. When conditions improve, put it back outside. Bringing them inside before a heavy snowstorm is also typically recommended. Finally, if the temperature turns truly frigid, these decorations might not stay inflated. 

If you happen to get a hole or tear in your inflatable Christmas decoration, it can be repaired with the patch kit that came with the inflatable or with heavy-duty tape, like duct tape or packaging tape. Sometimes, you can apply the tape from the inside of the inflatable, which makes it far less noticeable.

Finally, if your inflatables get dirty, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing soap if necessary.

Safe Storage

To enjoy your inflatable Christmas decorations, year after year, make sure that you store them properly. Ideally, if you can keep the box the decoration came in, that is the best way to store all the parts at the end of the season. Also, pay attention to any special storage instructions that come with each particular inflatable. If you don’t have the original box, use a lidded storage bin that can hold the inflatable and all the parts and manuals. This way, you will have everything you need when the next holiday season rolls around.

Some Features to Look For

In addition to basic inflatable Christmas decorations, there are some that feature extras that make them easier and more convenient to use. Some come with built-in music capability, although this is a less sought-after feature. More common and useful are self-inflating decorations that save huge amounts of time and effort. Also, some types have a built-in timer that lets you consistently control the length of time the display is running without having to worry about remembering to turn it on or off. Other inflatables include LED lights that help highlight the cute design.

Ready to make inflatables the focus of your outdoor holiday display? Check out these options that are among the best inflatable Christmas decorations:

Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Inflatable

There’s no character more iconic than Santa, and this Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Inflatable will make the whole neighborhood smile with delight when you set it up in your yard. Easy to install, the self-inflating decoration features Santa on his sleigh pulled by two reindeer. It’ll be hard to miss from the street because LED lights are built inside of the inflatable to light up the figures for extra impact. Standing 5 feet high, the figured are made from a weather-resistant material that is designed to hold up in wintry conditions.

In addition to the inflator, this Santa decoration comes with six stakes and two tethers to make sure that it stays securely positioned through the holiday season. It also comes with six LED bulbs for the interior lighting. Whether you make this inflatable the focus of your yard or just one element of a larger holiday display, it will be a hit with kids and adults alike because happy buyers say it looks stunning when fully inflated.

Christmas Santa Claus on Sleigh Sled Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable

For lovers of the classic holiday Christmas shows, this Christmas Santa Claus on a Sleigh is a perfect choice, especially if you want to display this on the roof. Modeled after the look of that old-fashioned favorite, Santa is waving from his sleigh pulled by three reindeer adorned with traditional red and green accents. Fifteen LED lights illuminate this inflatable Christmas decoration from the inside, giving it an even greater impact  Super easy to set up thanks to an internal fan that helps it self-inflate, it’ll stay securely grounded with two tethers and stakes.

Weather-resistant material makes this compact design great for the outdoors, but it can also be used indoors if desired. Numerous happy reviewers say that this is the ideal Christmas decoration for the roof of the house. Buyers praise the quality and look, although a few note that since it stands just three feet high, it is smaller than they expected.

Christmas Inflatable Snowman

Enjoy a snowman in the yard whether you live in a snowy region or not. This Christmas Inflatable Snowman from The Holiday Aisle stands a whopping eight feet tall and holds a sign wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. An inflator fan lets you set this up with ease and six ground stakes and three tethers mean that it will stand securely through the holiday season. Integrated LED lights on the interior mean that no one will be able to overlook this delightful decoration. 

Weather-resistant material will have you enjoying this inflatable Christmas decoration for holiday seasons to come. And, because these self-inflating decorations deflate just as easily, they are quick to take down and pack away for next year. Buyers say that the fabric is of good quality and seems tough. Even more importantly, reviewers call this snowman incredibly big and beautiful. He will easily be the centerpiece of any holiday display!

Giant Christmas Tree Inflatable

Why spend hours bothering with strings of lights when you can have a gorgeous illuminated Giant Christmas Tree Inflatable in your front yard instead? This is also the perfect option if you don’t actually have a fir tree growing in your yard. Standing an impressive 9 feet tall, this inflatable Christmas tree features colored ball decorations and a star at the top. The self-inflating tree includes built-in LED lighting that also offers you three different color options.

This inflatable Christmas decoration comes with six stakes and three tethers to make sure it stays securely grounded for the holiday season. Although you can also use it indoors, the weather-resistant fabric is designed for outdoor use and will stand up to the elements. Buyers say that it is much bigger than they imagined and that the LED lighting looks fabulous. This one will have all the kids in the neighborhood delighting in your display, whether the tree is the focal point or one of the numerous decorations.

Santa Claus Climbing on Christmas Tree Decoration Inflatable

Why not inject a little humor into your outdoor holiday display with this Santa Claus Climbing on a Christmas Tree. This inflatable Christmas decoration features the family dog getting the best of the iconic Christmas character by chasing him up the tree and going after his pants. The classic red and green make the decoration stand out and no one will be able to resist laughing at this cute display. After night falls, the nine interior LED lights ensure that anyone driving by will be able to see this funny scene.

Self-inflating, the decoration stands a manageable 6 feet tall. It’s easy to set up and two stakes will help keep the inflatable securely anchored.  Weather-resistant polyester fabric is made for the outdoor weather, but the inflatable can also be set up indoors. When the holidays are over, it deflates just as quickly and easily stored for next season. Try something different from the traditional Santa display this year with this fun inflatable design. Buyers note that set up is easy and fast, although the tethers made need a little adjustment in the rain because the side with the Santa is a little heavier.

3 Elfs Late to Work Inflatable

Another funny display with a nontraditional twist is this inflatable Christmas decoration featuring 3 Elfs Late to Work, driving in a car. Built-in LED lighting highlights the display and makes sure that everyone can see the three different positions of the elves and their expressions. Standing over 6 feet tall and six feet long, this inflatable needs a decent amount of space to be set up. And, speaking of the set-up, it’s super easy with the self-inflating mechanism. 

This whimsical Christmas decoration will stay securely displayed with the six stakes and two tethers included. Made from weather-resistant material, the inflatable will hold up to wintry conditions and then easily pack away at the end of the holiday season. Buyers say that it is so incredibly cute that not only do all the children love it but the neighbors do too, noting that the elf at the wheel looks like he is really driving the car.

Fashionlite 9ft Christmas Inflatable Xmas Tree

Add some snowy Christmas cheer to your home no matter where you live with this giant Fashionlite 9-foot Christmas Inflatable Xmas Tree with Multicolor Changing LED Lights. Get all the fun of a lighted Christmas tree without all the hassle of stringing lights when you opt for this inflatable Christmas decoration. It features a self-inflating mechanism and blower than has a rain cover to make it waterproof. A step above the basic, this tree has built-in LED lights that change color, adding another dimension to the inflatable.

Large and impressive, the Christmas tree is made from waterproof polyester that is fade-and weather-resistant and holds up in wintry weather down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The design feature snow-tipped branches, three-dimensional ball decorations and printed candy cane accents that help make your yard look like a winter wonderland! Six ground stakes and three tethers hold the tree securely in place. This inflatable Christmas tree comes packed in a space-saving box that is easy to store.

Fashionlite 6ft Christmas Inflatable White Polar Bear 

A cute and cuddly polar bear family is an ideal addition to a holiday lawn display that will delight kids of all ages. Little baby bears romping with the big mama bear — all wearing Santa hats — is a little out of the ordinary and really fun. At three feet tall and six feet wide, it’s an impressive display and the eight built-in white LED lights make the snowy white bears literally glow. Setting up this inflatable Christmas decoration is very easy: Plug it in and it automatically inflates. At the end of the holidays, taking it down is equally easy.

Weather-resistant material means this inflatable decoration holds up in wintry weather as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s equally suitable for indoor displays. Four ground stakes let you tether the decoration for security and stability and a five-foot-long cord provides flexibility in positioning. Like most inflatables, the Polar Bear with 3 Cubs in Santa Hats deflates and packs away easily for future holiday seasons of enjoyment. 

 7ft Christmas Decorations Outdoor Inflatable 

Little ones will feel like this Christmas yard decoration comes straight from their dreams because it not only has Santa and a tree but a collection of gift packages too! Santa is popping out of the tree, which features snow-tipped branches, a shining star and candy decorations. Three brightly colored packages, complete with bows, surround the base of the tree. Standing at seven feet tall and illuminated by super bright white led lights, anyone passing by will enjoy this striking inflatable Christmas decoration.

Made from a durable waterproof polyester fabric, the inflatable has a fixed, built-in sandbag, along with three tethers and five stakes that help secure the decoration and keep it stable in variable weather conditions. Set-up is very easy: Just plug it in and the built-in fan has the decoration standing tall within seconds. The power cord is an extra-long 9.8 feet, making it easy to position the inflatable wherever you want. Best of all, this inflatable comes with an unconditional one-year money-back guarantee. Happy buyers say that children are very excited by this cute inflatable that holds up well, even in New York winter weather.

Christmas Inflatable Nativity Scene with Three Kings

Fans of traditional Christmas decorations will adore this Christmas Inflatable Nativity Scene with Three Kings. Set it up inside or outside because it’s made to hold up in winter weather. The six-foot-tall inflatable portrays the birth of Jesus and will appeal to kids and adults alike. Illuminated by LED lights on the interior of the figures, the inflatable stands out well after dark. It’s also a great backdrop for family holiday photos. 

Made from lightweight weather-resistant polyester, the self-inflating decoration is easy to set up because all you have to do is plug it in. It comes with four stakes and tethers so that it can be secure in breezy weather. After the holidays are over, the take-down is just as easy. As your neighbors struggle with taking down strings of lights, all you have to do is unplug the inflatable, fold it up and store it safely for next year. With almost all reviews giving four or five stars, this inflatable Christmas decoration is praised for being especially beautiful after dark and garnering many compliments from friends and neighbors.

No matter what style or type of inflatable Christmas decorations you choose, they will involve far less fuss than other types of outdoor Christmas decorations. Unlike traditional figures and displays, these deflate and take every little room to store, so even if your home is small or short on storage space, you can easily pack away these away for the off-season.

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