iBeesoft Data Recovery Makes Getting Lost Files Back a Breeze

Have you ever had your heart jump into your throat when you realized that you accidentally deleted a file that you're going to need? Whether you lost a work file, an irreplaceable photo, or a home movie, there are some files that we'd rather not lose.

That's where iBeesoft Data Recovery could be a live saver for you. The reasonably-priced software can scan your drive and recover the files you thought were lost to history. You can recover files from a hard disk, SSD, partition, SD card, external drive, RAW drive, USB drive, and just any other storage type.

Imagine the feeling you get when you find something you thought you'd never see again. For $49.95, which is about half the price of similar software from other companies, you can get that feeling with files you thought you'd never see again.

Using iBeesoft Data Recovery to Get Your Files Back

The iBeesoft Data Recovery software is available to download on both Mac and Windows, so you can recover files quickly and easily, regardless of which OS you use.

Once you've downloaded the software for the platform of your choice, you'll need to go through the quick installation process. There aren't many steps required to get the software installed, and you don't need to worry about any hidden software or adware coming with it.

After the install is finished, you're greeted with a screen that lets you launch the scan. You can customize the scan to choose the types of files you'd like it to find, or just let it scan your drive for all lost files. Either way, the scan only takes a couple of minutes to find all of the lost files.

However, if you don't see the files you want, you can perform a deep scan, which will take a lot longer (in my testing, it took about an hour to go through the entire system). This will find far more files, even those with incomplete file properties.

From there, you can browse through the lost files and see if the file you're looking for is retrievable. You can even find files that you have already deleted from your recycle bin. If the file is there, you can click Recover to bring it back to your drive.

Browsing through the files is an easy enough process. You can browse by the path, the type, or the time. If you choose to browse by the type of file, it'll break it down by the types of files you've elected to search for. Going further, it'll even show you different file types, so you can get track down the exact files you need.

If, for example, you wanted to find an AVI file, you could search for videos, then drill down to the different types of videos to see if any AVI files are recoverable.

I found type to be the most useful since I could check for the exact type of file I know I am missing. If you know approximately when the file went missing, you can use the time setting as well. It's definitely nice that that iBeesoft Data Recovery gives you options because finding lost files can be difficult. Having as many possible roads to success will increase the chances you can recover what you need.

Check Out iBeesoft Data Recovery For Yourself

You can actually download and try iBeesoft Data Recovery for free to see if it works for you. Once you've found that it can recover your files, you can upgrade for $49.95, which is quite a good price for what this software can get done. Try it out, and you might find the photo you thought you'd never see again or the video you deleted and wished you'd never have to see again.

Either way, iBeesoft Data Recovery did a great job of finding lots of deleted files in our testing, and it should do the same for you.