How To Set Up Bedroom Decor In A Boy’s Room That Will Last

My son’s bedroom has completely evolved over the years. His nursery started out as a navy blue and grey room with white furniture. We added a navy blue bookcase to the room when he turned into a toddler. But when we switched him to his big kid bed, we never really updated his boy’s bedroom decor. We just left it as is.

He started to request things to make the room feel more “grown-up”. We added a desk and a magnetic board. But really didn’t do much else to the space.

The room was just blah, and he was feeling it. Since he started kindergarten this year, he has taken on more ownership of his room. So I felt it was time to update his room to create bedroom decor that will last and grow with him throughout the years.

Shelves in a boy's bedroom that contains books, trophies, photos, and lego sets.

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Creating The Space

By creating a solid base, we can easily swap out pictures, wall decor, and bedding, but the large pieces of furniture are the things that can grow with him. Yes, we will probably transform his headboard at some point, but for now, he likes it!

We started this total transformation by looking at his room and figuring out what his space was missing. The first thing we noticed was that he lacked bookshelves for all his books and Lego creations. He had a toy storage bin that was being used as a bookcase, but with his ample amount of books, it wasn’t really making the cut anymore. And all his Legos were taking over the shelves in his closet. They needed to go because he was running out of room for his clothes.

Shelves in a boy's bedroom that contains books, trophies, photos, and lego sets.


Rearranging Items

So we decided to move his bed to the center of the room and have two bookcases, one on each side. We would remove his nightstand and use a shelf to act as a nightstand for his glasses and water, and Kleenex. The bookcases would be the perfect way to create longevity in the space, as the shelving can grow with him. He can change up what he stores on the shelving based on his interests.

Currently, bookcases could be perfect for holding books, Lego, and all his collectibles. This would clear up shelving in his closet for his clothes. I would use bins to hold each type of clothing based on category. We would have one bin to hold pajamas. One for t-shirts. Another for sports t-shirts. Long-sleeved shirts would go into another bin. And his sweatshirts would be stored in two different bins, one for zippered and another for pull-over. Pants, shorts, socks, and boxers are in his drawers on the other side of the closet.

We decided to move his desk to a corner that would give him some space to spread out. Plus, we can create a bigger desk in that space as needed. On the same wall as his desk, we created a photo gallery wall. This is an easy way to change up decor without really doing much to the space. We went with sports images as he really is into sports at the moment. If he wants to swap them out for other things, we can easily change out the picture to change the look and feel of his room.

Shelves in a boy's bedroom that contains books, trophies, photos, and lego sets with a closet door in the background.

Adding Personal Touches

His closet doors were another area we transformed. My son is currently into ocean animals, specifically sharks. Like the bigger and feistier the shark, the better. So we transformed his black closet doors to create different zones of the ocean. I cut out ocean animals on vinyl using my Cricut Maker vinyl cutter. We stuck the ocean animals onto the doors at the varying levels of the ocean on his closet door.

Next to his closet, we added a magnetic board. This is simply a giant drip pan that is found at any home improvement store. We used 3M velcro strips to hold the drip pan in place. This giant magnetic board is perfect for his papers. Then, when he doesn’t need it anymore, we can simply remove it from the wall and stick it under our cars in the garage. Love finding multiple uses for items around the home!

Tips For Setting Up Boy’s Bedroom Decor That Will Last

When setting up boy’s bedroom decor that will last, find pieces that will grow with the kiddos. Create wall decor that can easily be switched out for new interests. Establish systems to keep things organized. By having a system or routine for things like clothing, it makes everything in the room feel fresh. And allow room to grow. If your kiddo is using a smaller desk now, make sure you have space for him to grow into if he needs a larger desk.


My Favorite Boy’s Bedroom Decor Items

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