How To Organize Items for Donation

So many of you have been organizing during social distancing and quarantine and I love all of the progress you have been making! Don't forget to tag me, @rachelorganizes, and us #organizingdone with your before and after photos. Today we are going to dive into the organizing process a bit more and what comes next after your organizing session.


So often the organizing process goes like this: declutter, organize, admire and then the dreaded: "what do I do with all the stuff I am parting with, ugh!." However, as dreaded as that final step is it is just as important so you don't hold on to the items and end up right back where you started.

This process can be complicated a bit right now during social distancing whether that is because of closures in your area or choices you are making as a family. That said, it is so important to not let lack of donation options stop you from decluttering but also to not turn to throwing things away as an alternative to donation. There will be a huge need for items as quarantine comes to an end to help those impacted by the shutdown. Get creative with preparing your donation so you can drop it off as soon as you are able. I have included below my top tips for organizing and donating during this time so. you can continue to make organizing progress. and help others along the way.

6 Tips for Organizing Items To Donate

  1. Create a donation spot in your garage or basement to store the items that need to be donated. Collect everything in large trash bags or bins so they are easy to transport when you are able.

  2. Don’t let donation items become out of site, out of mind - add a reminder to your calendar for a month or two from now so you don’t forget to take them in and leave yourself another pile to declutter down the line. It is important to not make extra work for yourself by storing donated items in something you are not prepared to donate.

  3. Don’t store donations in a plastic bin that you are not ready to part with when you drop off the items. Good old trash bags can be a great tool when decluttering and storing donations or use larger items (like a suitcase) that you are donating to hold smaller items. Ikea bags are also great for storing donations, they are super cheap so you don’t mind losing them but also hold a TON of stuff.

  4. If you live in an apartment or space without a garage your car can be a great option to store donations. Keep a bag or bin in your trunk and add items as you declutter your space. If your donation items do need to be somewhat in plain site, use a storage bin to keep them neat (this one here is a favorite) but perhaps use a bag inside the bins for easy handoff at the time of donation.

  5. A great option for decluttering clothes is ThredUp as they have both selling and donation kit options available now.

  6. Finally, keep in mind that not all donation centers are closed for drop-off. Check the website and social media of your local donation option to see if they are still accepting donations or when they are expected to open.

The most important tip I can give for organizing is this time is to make sure you are mindful of what you have the mental capacity for right now when taking on an organizational project. Don't set yourself up for more stress! You might not have it in you to organize your whole closet but maybe just your leggings or your measuring spoon drawer. There is no harm in tackling small projects and not feeling like you have to reorganize your whole house all at once. One organized smaller area will be more beneficial to you than a larger area half organized and abandoned.