How to Make a Period Kit

Whether youve been having periods for a few years or are waiting for your first one to start, your period can take you by surprise. Having a well-stocked period kit can help you be prepared, no matter what happens! If youre going to school, heading to work, or just out running errands for the day, having a portable period kit with you can be a lifesaver. Its also a good idea to have all the supplies you need at home in one convenient place.


[Edit]Putting Together a Portable Kit

  1. Pick a pouch that will fit in your bag or locker. To keep all your period supplies organized, pick out a nice pouch thats not too big to put in your backpack, purse, or locker. A zippered pencil case or cosmetics bag will work great for this.[1]
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    • If you feel self-conscious about whats in your kit, make sure to pick a pouch or bag that isnt see-through!
    • If you drive, you could also store a kit in your cars glove compartment.
  2. Put in enough of your favorite sanitary products for at least 1 day. There are a ton of different period products you can choose from, and everyone has their own needs and preferences. Pack a variety of the products you like best in your period kit. Make sure to include at least enough to get you through 1 day.[2]
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    • For example, you might include 3 or 4 each of pads, tampons, and pantyliners.
    • If you have enough space, you could pack 2 to 3 days worth of products in your kit. That way, you wont have to refill the bag every day of your period.
    • Try to include products that will work for both lighter and heavier flow days.
    • If youre not sure what kinds of products to include, get advice from an experienced relative or friend.
  3. Include some wipes for easy cleanup. No matter how careful you are, periods can get messy. To help yourself clean up a bit, add a small pouch of personal cleansing wipes to your kit.[3]
    Make a Period Kit Step 3.jpg
    • Make sure to use wipes that are free of dyes and perfumes so you dont irritate the sensitive skin around your vagina. Some doctors recommend using Tucks hemorrhoid pads instead of wipes.[4]
  4. Toss in some baggies for disposing of pads or tampons. Flushing pads or tampons down the toilet is terrible for the plumbing, but tossing them straight in the trash bin can be a little unsanitary. To dispose of your period products neatly, add a few plastic baggies to your kit.
    Make a Period Kit Step 4.jpg
    • You can buy special bags just for this purpose, like Scensibles or Fab Little Bag. Diaper disposal bags are also a great option.
    • If youre concerned about plastic waste, look for baggies that are biodegradable.
  5. Pack a change of underwear in case of leaks. A fresh pair of undies can be a lifesaver in case your period starts unexpectedly or your pad leaks. Put 1 or 2 clean pairs in your bag, just in case![5]
    Make a Period Kit Step 5.jpg
    • If you have room, you might also include a rolled-up pair of leggings in case you have a major leak.
  6. Add some painkillers if you suffer from cramps. To keep period cramps from ruining your day, its a good idea to have some over-the-counter pain medicine in your kit. Toss in a small bottle of ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil), naproxen (Aleve), or whichever medication works best for you.[6]
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    • Always follow the directions on your medication packaging or from your doctor, and dont take more than the recommended dose.
  7. Keep a chocolate bar for extra comfort. Theres not a lot of science to back it up, but many women swear by chocolate as a natural remedy for cramps. Even if it doesnt help your cramps much, a little chocolate might be just the thing to cheer you up when you have the period blues! Pack a chocolate bar in your kit for when you need an extra boost.
    Make a Period Kit Step 7.jpg
    • Theres some evidence that dark chocolate may be especially effective, so go for a dark chocolate bar or a handful of bite-sized dark chocolate candies.[7]
  8. Have a few coins on hand in case you need the vending machine. If you run out of pads or tampons, you might be able to use a bathroom vending machine in a pinch. Put some coins in your bag in case you run out of any essential supplies.
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    • In some areas, schools are required by law to provide free period products for their students.[8] If youre in school, ask a teacher or your school nurse about your schools policy.

[Edit]Assembling a Home Period Kit

  1. Get a box or basket for your period supplies. A pretty box, basket, or storage hamper can make it easier to keep all your period supplies together. Choose something you can store in your bathroom or bedroom thats big enough to hold everything you need.[9]
    Make a Period Kit Step 9.jpg
    • Store the kit next to your toilet for easy access when you need to change your pad or tampon.
    • If youre uncomfortable with visitors seeing your period kit, get a storage container with a lid. If you like, you can choose something with a pretty pattern to give it some decorative flair!
  2. Fill your kit with a variety of period hygiene products. Get a selection of your favorite products to put in the kit. Make sure to include a variety of products for both light and heavy flow days (such as pads, tampons, and pantyliners).
    Make a Period Kit Step 10.jpg
    • To make your products easier to access, you may want to take them out of the original box or package and arrange them neatly in your storage container.[10]
    • Place at least enough products in the kit to get you through 1 period (i.e., a months supply). Make sure to replace whatever you use before your next period.
  3. Put in some wipes to help you clean up. If you like being able to quickly freshen up when youre having your period, include a package of gentle, unscented personal wipes in your kit. If wipes are too irritating, some doctors recommend using Tucks hemorrhoid pads instead.[11]
    Make a Period Kit Step 11.jpg
    • Never flush wipes down the toilet, even if theyre supposed to be flushable. They can cause major clogs!
  4. Add a heating pad or hot water bottle to fight cramps. Heat can be seriously soothing when you have period cramps. Put a heating pad, a hot water bottle, or some heat patches in your kit so you can use them whenever you need them.[12]
    Make a Period Kit Step 12.jpg
    • If you enjoy soaking in the bath during your period, keep some soothing bath salts or oils in the kit.
  5. Include some painkillers for extra cramp relief. Anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or naproxen (Aleve) can help relieve your cramps.[13] Keep a bottle of whichever medication works best for you in your kit.
    Make a Period Kit Step 13.jpg
    • Always take any pain medications according to your doctors or pharmacists instructions or the directions on the packaging.


  • If youve never gone shopping for period supplies, ask a family member or friend whos already had their period to come along. They can give you advice and help you feel more comfortable picking out supplies.
  • If you have cravings during your period, munching on some nutritious snacks can help. Keep some protein bars in your kit to give you energy, or put in some dried fruit or whole grain crackers to tackle sugar or salt cravings.[14]


  • Wearing a tampon for too long can cause you to develop a serious condition called toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Never wear a tampon for longer than 8 hours.

[Edit]Things Youll Need

[Edit]Putting Together a Portable Kit

  • Zippered cosmetics bag or pencil case
  • Period products (such as pads, tampons, and pantyliners)
  • Unscented personal wipes
  • Baggies for disposing of used period products
  • Change of underwear
  • Pain medication (ibuprofen or naproxen)
  • Dark chocolate
  • Coins for bathroom vending machines

[Edit]Assembling a Home Period Kit

  • Decorative box or basket
  • Period supplies (such as pads, tampons, and pantyliners)
  • Unscented personal wipes
  • Heating pad, hot water bottle, or heat patches
  • Soothing bath salts or oils
  • Pain medication (ibuprofen or naproxen)

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