Home Organizing Solutions: Divided Storage Containers

The following is a guest post about using divided storage containers to help you get organized from regular contributor, Kristin at The Gold Project

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Home Organizing Solutions: Divided Storage Containers

Over the years, I have tried many different storage containers: wicker, plastic, big, small, etc. Some have worked great and others have migrated around the house until they have ended up in the donation pile.

One of my absolute favorite types of organization systems are the divided storage containers. They are a great way to store like or similar items together without them getting all mixed up. These containers are inexpensive and can be found at a variety of locations including grocery stores, dollar stores and crafting stores.

I have them in all shapes and sizes throughout my home from different brands as well. Before I get into how I use them, I wanted to share some of my favorite brands.

  • Sterilite
  • ArtBin
  • Iris

There are many other brands, but these have been the ones that I have used and loved for years.

School Supplies

Since the middle of March, we have been homeschooling our children. Not by choice, but because of the current situation in our country. Every morning we would sit down to work and someone would have to run all over the house trying to locate a pencil or an eraser. I finally got tired of the every day headache, so I create a school supply container.

This bin contains all of my kids’ school necessities (one is in 5th grade and the other is in 1st grade). Pencils, erasers, scissors, colored pencils, rulers, etc. can be found in this one container (affiliate link).

And, the best part is that it is small enough to slide under the console table in our eating area. So, when we are not needing it, it is still in arm’s reach, but not in the way of daily tasks.

It has really helped the school day routine!

Home Organizing Solutions: Divided Storage Containers for school supplies


I will be honest, I am not a huge jewelry person. I wear an athletic wedding ring and a simple necklace every day. Other than that, I do not wear jewelry. Yes, I have my ears pierced, but I just don’t take the time to wear earrings.

Until recently, my small jewelry collection was in random spots. I finally decided to pull out one of my small Sterilite divided trays (affiliate link) to organize my collection. The container is slim, fits in one of my dresser drawers, and protects my jewelry.

Home Organizing Solutions: Divided Storage Containers for jewelry

Tool Fixings

Who else has had a random box of extra screws and nails from different projects? I had two of these boxes. I finally said enough is enough. Last summer, I took all of them out of the small plastic bags, sorted them to the best of my ability, and placed them in different sections in a divided storage container. Best decision yet! No more hunting around for random screws to hang frames on the wall. Everything is in one container, divided out, and it can slide very easily in the office closet on a shelf.

Before I discovered this great organization system, I was using one of the tall tool organizers with drawers. That lasted for a very short amount of time because it was too difficult to maintain. Plus, you couldn’t see in all of the drawers at one time and it took up too much space.

Home Organizing Solutions: Divided Storage Containers for tool fixings


I love the divided storage container that I use for my photos (affiliate link). It is an Iris container. The main storage piece holds sixteen smaller pieces that fit 4×6 inch photos. This brand sells these types of containers in a wide range of sizes too. You can get the same type of system for 5×7 inch photos as well.

I have my photos divided by year and they start from when I was a baby and go all the way through the present. Each small container has a piece of scrapbook paper and a label stating the photos contained inside.

Home Organizing Solutions: Divided Storage Containers for photos

Do you use divided storage containers? If so, how do you use them in your home?

Please share 🙂

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