Here’s How You Should Store Your Winter Clothes & Accessories

Soon, freezing cold days will be long gone, and our larger-than-life puffy coat will be out of order until next winter. Although we love a good winter wardrobe that stands up to cold temperatures, it can take up a ton of space in our closet (that we’re secretly plotting to fill with tons of cute summer clothes) when we’re not wearing it. That means it’s time to find the right storage solutions for retiring gloves, scarves, sweaters, and coats. Here’s the right way to store all of the winter essentials you may not need soon.

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe

declutter your wardrobe

Your first step is to declutter your winter wardrobe. Set aside the winter styles you just don’t wear anymore to save yourself the work of putting it all away for the season. But don’t just toss them to the side to be forgotten about; you can sell or donate those items so someone who actually needs them can enjoy them! If you see a future in certain items, look towards sustainably reworking those old sweaters, scarves, or t-shirts into something unique.

2. Wash and Clean

wash and clean your clothes

Next, you’ll want to wash and clean the winter wardrobe items you plan on keeping for next season. This ensures that your belongings won’t be infiltrated by moths or other pests in storage. Prioritize washing garments with a basic, unscented detergent. This way pests won’t be drawn to your items, plus you’ll know that fave jacket of yours will be ready-to-wear on the next go-around! If you’re storing more delicate items, it’s best to follow the wash instructions included on the tags. For winter shoes and boots, prepare to give them a good wipe-down with a sanitized cloth.

3. Invest In Tools

investing in tools for your winter clothes

Next, invest in some organizational tools. You’ll likely want to decide where your unused winter items will be stored before you look into solutions. Whether it be under your bed, or in the attic or garage, there are plenty of tools to help you! Keep in mind that clothes of different conditions will require different storage solutions. More delicate pieces can be wrapped in tissue paper to prevent wear, tear, and snagging. For the more durable pieces you have on hand, it’s okay to nicely fold them or store them in a garment bag.

The Best Solutions For Storing Winter Clothes

Below you'll find all your needs for safely and effectively storing winter items.

Garment Bags

Simply Essential Jumbo Storage Closet

This garment bag ensures you have plenty of space to store bulkier winter items. It even has extra racks on the inside to provide more durability and storage.


Weathertight Tote Clear

Clear, weatherproofed sealed plastic bins like this one are great for labeling and seeing what’s inside so you actually know what you stored, months down the road.

Vacuum Bags

2 XL Compression Bags Clear - Room Essentials\u2122

Vacuum bags are a lifesaver when it comes to bigger, bulkier clothing items. They make storage super easy and worry-free when it comes to weatherproofing. You can store these bags under your bed or in the garage and know your belongings are safe from the elements.

Under-Bed Bins

Container Store Our Long Underbed Boxes

Forget “out of sight, out of mind” with these rolling under-bed storage bins. They’ll be easy to access when you need to grab a sweater for chilly days, plus this solution keeps your space tidy in the off-season.

Clothes Hangers

Utopia Home 20 Pack Premium Wooden Hangers

Sturdier hangers will suit those heavy coats in storage super well, providing support throughout the warmer months.

Anti-Moth Solutions

Nontoxic moth repellent bags for storing clothes

Store these nontoxic moth repellent bags alongside your valued items to ensure they won’t be taken over.

Shoe Shapers

Innies Quilted Boot Shapers

Use shapers to insert in your shoes and boots so that they don’t get crushed in storage. Even old crumpled newspapers or paper towel rolls will do the trick!

Clothes Rack

Clothes Rack

Extra racks can provide a set space for your stored items, if you don’t have another designated area.

More Tips For Winter Clothing Storage

more tips for winter clothing
  • Master the art of folding. To maintain item quality, don’t just crumple or throw items in a bin. Ideally what you're storing is stuff you’ll wear again!
  • Be resourceful. If you find yourself short on resources and space, you can use empty suitcases or other boxes you may have on hand to store items.
  • Know what goes where. Larger coats, ski gear, and bulky items store best in vacuum bags or on hangers in garment bags.

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