Here are the Kitchen Pantry Organizers That Keep my Pantry Tidy (+ 8 Organization Tips!)

Here are my fave kitchen pantry organizers, plus some actionable tips for anyone to have a tidier pantry!

woman organizing a pantry

Do you struggle to organize your pantry?

I definitely do! There’s a lot happening in my kitchen each day, whether it’s for my family or for my role as a food blogger for and I’m moving so fast some days that I don’t always take the time to organize my space and put things back properly.

My goal is always to stay organized to help my life run smoother!

messy pantry before organizing

kitchen pantry organizers

I have previously shared the drastic before/after of our pantry remodel.

We did most of the work ourselves to save money, and we’ve been enjoying this space so much. It used to be a closet and is now more like an extension of the kitchen with counters and electricity for small appliances.

My pantry is one of my favorite parts of our home for sure, and I am so grateful to have this extra storage space.

organized pantry using kitchen pantry organizers

With that, here are 8 easy and frugal real-life organizing strategies and pantry organizers to keep things neat and tidy!

I say real life because this is not one of those pantries from a magazine with just a handful of items! Ha. I have lots of small appliances and kitchen stuff in general. In fact, my husband likes to give me a hard time about hoarding appliances and pantry foods, but I consider it just part of my process for work!  😂

Most of my pantry organizers are from Amazon, The Container Store, or Walmart. I have collected a few key kitchen organizers over the years that help my pantry from becoming chaotic. Thrift shops and Dollar Tree are other great spots to look for inexpensive kitchen organizers!

1. Purge and declutter.

a plastic grocery sack with groceries on a counter

Before I start any organizing project, purging is always the first step (less stuff always equals less effort to organize). I, too, sometimes overbuy one item and never use it, or my kids open a bag of chips, and it’s been sitting around months later! Declutter and get rid of as many things as you can, from spoiled food to unused appliances. Consider donating unwanted, unopened non-perishable food that hasn’t expired to a food bank.

2. Create different zones in your pantry.

kitchen wrap and kitchen baggie organizers

Creating zones will help you quickly identify items so that there’s a home for everything. You can create a zone for pantry staples like canned goods, cereal, baking supplies, grab-and-go snacks, etc. I also have a zone for foil, kitchen wraps, and baggies.

hand holding bamboo plastic bag storage organizer

Zone organization products I love:

organizing labels on clear pantry organizers

Since I bake often, it is so helpful to have a spot for all my flour and sugars. These clear storage containers work perfectly for my space as I can immediately identify what’s in each one. I also made these farmhouse style kitchen labels using my Cricut vinyl cutting machine, and love the look and functionality so much!

Clear closing canisters I love:

3. Use clear kitchen pantry organizers to gather like items.

clear acrylic organizers to see food

As you’re creating pantry zones, consider separating like items so you can easily identify them. I have mac and cheese separated together, and stacked about some drink mix packets. I also keep all my vinegar and oils in their own organizers.

Clear pantry organizers I love:

4. Use storage baskets or bins to separate snacks and small items.

storage basket and bamboo snack storage for pantry

I created a teen zone with all my kids snacks and open chip bags. This way they can grab and go as needed, and everything is corralled into one spot. This is so much cleaner and easier than keeping snacks in original packaging floating around the pantry.

My stackable bamboo organizers are from The Container Store and they have held up well for years. I love how beautiful they look and how functional they are.

Stackable storage bins I love:

Hip Tip: Check out this small heated snack sealer that I’ve been using to prevent stale food in my pantry! It works great and helps me avoid food waste.

5. Use vertical space for canned goods.

stackable canned food storage

Using all of the vertical space in your pantry shelving makes perfect sense, especially for storing canned goods. I have had these two canned food 3-tiered storage racks for years and love how easily I can grab what I need and also see what I have! If you have the room, these are so helpful.

My exact racks are no longer available, but we recommend this similar stackable rack organizer from that a few team members have and love!

Can organizer similar to the one I love:

6. Take foods out of large, boxed packaging.

prepworks prokeeper pantry organizer food storage for rice and beans

Food packaging takes up so much valuable space! As an example, I keep a container for our dog’s treats instead of the big box they come in. I also store spaghetti in tall canisters and cereal in OXO air-tight cereal keepers.

My dry goods like rice and beans are stored in these brilliant PrepWorks canisters with scoops inside. I love these pantry organizers so much as the quality is fantastic and they are sleek looking.

anchor hocking glass jars

Glass jars make great pantry organizers. This inexpensive yet large 2-gallon Anchor Hocking glass canister, pictured above, holds the large box of k-cups from Costco nicely! I am sure you can use it to organize lots of other items like flour and other supplies. Those are nice quality canisters for pantry organizing!

woman putting clear storage container of pretzels inside closet

Hip Tip: Check out Sara’s pantry makeover using these beautiful kitchen organizers from Walmart!

7. Place a Lazy Susan in the corner.

lazy susan for pantry organizing spices and small items

I’m a big fan of Lazy Susan organizers to access items conveniently, as it’s a nice space-saving idea, especially for corner areas. This small turntable is perfect for smaller spices and baking items.

8. Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to tidy up.

organized clean counters inside pantry

This has been huge for me, and it makes all the difference so I don’t get overwhelmed. Even just wiping up the counter and shelving – and making sure miscellaneous things are put away at the end of the day – is so helpful!

cord organizers on back of air fryer

Speaking of keeping things tidy, I recently picked up these handy cord organizers from and they have helped me corral small appliance cords in my pantry!! These are so easy to install, are very sturdy, and they do a great job of keeping cords in check.

kitchenAid mixer with a cord organizer

The cord on my KitchenAid mixer has always bothered me as there is no great way to organized the cord! This little stick-on cord holder is organizing perfection. I am excited to install on all my small appliances now.

Need help with your fridge? Check out how I keep my fridge organized as well!