Fun Recycling You Can Do In 2019

We know — it’s too early to think about the cold! Or is it? In fact, with fall right around the corner, there’s a lot of things that entails. With the favorites being pumpkin patches, apple cider and hayrides, the season brings a ton to do! And at home, fall is especially important as well. That’s why recycling should be on your mind — to keep you and your home healthy! Take advantage of the season and start these projects for easy and fun fall activities.


One of the best ways to keep your leaves year round and get good use out of them is to use them as firestarting logs for your bonfires and firepits. Simply pack them into a bucket and dampen them, pack them in to dry, and then when they’re dried out they double as a starting log!

Plastic & Glass

It’s always fun to create lighting outside that is cheap and effective. With plastic and glass, you can create different lighting fixtures that both look great, and help you light the way without breaking the bank or needing to buy a new product. This is a great way to tastefully accent your home on a budget!


Small projects even as simple as creating a home-made dog bed from blankets and an old storage bin are great ways to stay green and make a difference. A project like this needs nothing more than your old bin, a blanket, and an x-acto knife to cut the hole big enough for your furry friend. This keeps them warm in the colder months as well if they’d like to play!

Of course, managing your waste is also a great tool to have in your back pocket — and it can save you time and effort! Enlist the help of a service who is committed to hauling away your trash each week, where we can make great use of it for the future!

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