Declutter Wk 2: Deep Clean and Organize Kitchen

It was  an ugly, rainy day  in Tennessee yesterday, so while it was perfect for staying in and working on my list of cleaning, organizing and decluttering tasks I’ve got on my to-do list, it wasn’t a perfect internet day, so I couldn’t get this post up. This week I’m covering how to deep clean and organize your kitchen. That doesn’t mean getting lost in organizing the junk drawer, or the crazy lids cabinet, there will be time for that later. This task is meant to help you clean your surfaces and organize what is in plain sight. 

Declutter Week Two: Deep Clean and Organize Kitchen!

Declutter Wk 2: Deep Clean and Organize Kitchen

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Q & A Time:

  • When was the last time you took everything off your counters and gave them a good cleaning?
  • When was the last time you swept and mopped your floors? With an actual broom and mop? How about cleaning the fronts of all the cabinets and drawers?

If it’s been a while, don’t worry, you can knock this out in an hour or so and there is no shame in starting where you are today. If having a clean and organized home is a goal of yours, I’m here to help you. 

Step One: Access Your Kitchen: Remove items not used there:

I’m looking at you, counters! Do you have a drop zone counter too? I have a small counter beside the stove that’s a hot zone of messiness and clutter. At any given moment you’ll find mail to sort, receipts, phone chargers, uncapped pins, change, keys, coupons, snacks. You get the idea.  

Grab a basket, bin, or shopping bag and place all the paper in it. Move everything else that you can't put in its home in less than a minute on the kitchen table. If the table’s not free, grab another shopping bag and put everything left on the counter in it and place it in the adjoining room. 

Everspring Cleaning Cloths

Next, grab a cleaning cloth. I really like the Everspring Cleaning Cloths from Target. In fact, if you follow me on LTK, you’ll see I’m a big fan of Target and Walmart shopping. The great thing about this cleaning cloth pack is they offer three different woven clothes for all-purpose cleaning, scrubbing or polishing mirrors and appliances.

For cleaning countertops, I use the softest cloth dampened in warm water. No cleaners needed for wiping the counters, unless they have stains or dried food. If you do encounter something your wet cloth won’t handle, I suggest grabbing another soft cleaning cloth and dabbing a little of The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste on it. 

The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste


I first learned of The Pink Stuff line of cleaning products on TikTok. This was my first ever TikTok made me buy it and I’m so happy I was influenced to do so! In fact, when I shared my love of this product on my TikTok and Instagram .I influenced some fellow cleaning buddies to buy this product. 

Work your way around your kitchen starting at the left and moving to the right. Wipe and clean all the countertops, moving items as needed. 

After you’ve cleaned the countertops, you’ll probably realize you need some storage solutions. Here are my three picks.


Tunisian Sunset Canister set

How fun and colorful is this 3 piece Certified International Tunisian Sunset Canister set? These are a perfect addition to brighten up your counters. I fill them with cookies, snacks and K-Cups. 

Speaking of coffee, I really like this YouCopia Crazy Susan for corralling coffee supplies like Splenda, Creamers, raw Sugars etc. 

YouCopia Crazy Susan

Lastly, if you have several cutting, charcuterie boards and serving trays like I do, this  Lynk Professional Slide Out Organizer is just what you need to keep your countertops looking clean and decluttered. I use the space between our microwave and fridge for this.  

Lynk Professional Slide Out Organizer

Once you're done with cleaning and organizing your countertops, you’ll want to scrub the kitchen sink using The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste and a scrubber sponge like these from Mu Kitchen. I love their ergonomic shape, making them easier to scrub with and wring out. 

Mu Kitchen Sponges

After you’ve cleaned your sink and thoroughly rinsed out your sponge, it’s time to clean the stovetop. For this chore, I suggest using Weiman Disinfecting Stove Top Daily Cleaner. Not only does it clean like a dream, there’s no streaking! Just clean with the sponge, rinse, then dry with the glass cloth from the Evespring collection. 

Weiman Disinfecting Stove Top Daily Cleaner

Now it’s time to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. I love the feel of a freshly scrubbed floor underfoot, don’t you?

For this deep cleaning, go old school and use an actual broom like this Libman Large Precision Angle Broom.

Libman Large Precision Angle Broom.

The reason I love this broom is not only does it get into the corners really well, you can usually get it to fit under your stove and fridge without having to move heavy appliances! It comes with a good dustpan too, so you won’t be chasing the crumb pile all over the kitchen either. 

Now it’s time to mop! I highly recommend you get the O-Cedar EasyWring Rinse Clean Spin Mop and Bucket!

O-Cedar EasyWring Rinse Clean Spin Mop and Bucket!

I got this as a Christmas gift last year and I was overjoyed! Talk about a back saver! And you don’t have to touch the mop to wring it out. Genius!

To clean your kitchen floors, I suggest using just water. More often than not, we use too much product when cleaning, so if your floors have been looking a little dull, too much cleaner might be the culprit. 

That’s it! Your kitchen is now deep cleaned and organized! Yay you! I haven’t forgotten about the items you might have placed in a basket in the adjoining room. If time and energy allow, take it to the table, make yourself a cup of tea and start going through it. Put items away in their proper homes, and toss what’s not needed. Then store that basket close by because we’ll need it again next week when we deep clean and organize common living spaces

Monthly clean and organize chart

I have several Weekly Choe Prompts for more in-depth kitchen cleaning and organizing! Go to my Cleaning Tab for help with your pantry, deep cleaning the fridge, etc. 

Please share in comments: Which area of the kitchen is the hardest for you to keep clean and organized.