Cricut Storage Solution + Craft Storage Ideas

This Cricut storage solution is a winner in my book! And a great storage solution for the home! Are you a crafter? Or just ready to organize your home? I decided to spring clean early. I was looking for a good way to store my new printer and Cricut machine to keep them easily accessible. But, this craft storage idea can be used for storing other things too!

I’ve been working on my home organization. What caused me to change things up? I had my Cricut on my cabinet and every time I needed to use it I had to move it. It wasn’t convenient at all. Organizing equals better productivity!

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Craft Storage Ideas

In a hurry? Scroll down to see a list of all the craft storage ideas and home organizing ideas!

I purchased a new Canon printer for doing my Cricut crafts and making stickers.

The craft room storage solution I was looking for

  • I wanted the printer and Cricut to be close by to use them.
  • Something sturdy
  • Mobility
  • And extra storage for small things.

I found the perfect storage solution! I purchased this 3-Shelf rolling cart. And used two fabric bins I had. Next, I’m going to purchase coordinating ones. I like things to look pretty. Do you? You can use the cart for storing other things in your home or for craft room storage too. Looking for something more stylish? Scroll down a bit for more craft storage ideas and ideas for the home.

Cricut Storage Solution

Home Organization

Storage Solutions - Are you trying to organize your home These craft room and home organization tips and solution can help you be more organized and productive! Find out more at

Don’t just get “any” rolling cart! Be sure to get one that can handle the weight of the items you are placing on it! Know what you need to organize and store!

3-Shelf Rolling Cart

Use a rolling cart for…

Using a rolling cart can be a great storage solution for the home and space for a variety of things. You can store a microwave on it, a printer, craft supplies… Use it in the kitchen for pots and pans, baking tools like mixers, and baking supplies… Why do you need extra storage? Is your space small? Do you have too many things and not enough countertops or cabinets? No matter what you need to store this rolling cart storage solution might be just what you need too!

The Rolling Cart Assembly Was Easy!

olling Cart - Assembling the 3-tiered shelf rolling cart - This can be used for home storage and craft room storage. Sturdy, functional, able to lock it in place or move it...

I purchased this rolling cart myself.

My thoughts and review on the Hyper Tough 3-Shelf Rolling Cart

  • The assembly was easy (Mr. helped). No special tools are needed.
  • I used a measuring tape to make sure the shelves were far enough apart to have my Cricut machine open for using it. It has ample width to hold it too!
  • The shelving was adjustable and it has a basket-style bottom. I purchased two foldable storage bins to hold things. One bin is for my food photography styling. The other bin is for my Cricut supplies.
    Use fabric storage bins or wood storage bins to “group” and organize small things.
  • The cart has a side handle and hooks. Put the handle and hooks on either side of the cart (when assembling it). Or on one side to minimize space or omit using them (this is how I did it). My favorite thing about this cart is it has sturdy wheels and they lock (if needed) and it can safely hold a lot of weight!
  • No need to worry about it falling apart, collapsing, or not being sturdy enough to hold the load of the weight of the things you store on the rolling cart.
  • Capacity per shelf 165 lb.
  • 500 lb. capacity! This storage cart is strong!
Cricut Storage Solution - This rolling cart is sturdy, space saving and perfect for storing your printer, Cricut machine... Find out more at

I purchased it in November and it’s been great! My pick was functionality over style. But, if you like a clean, modern, industrial style you might like it too! And I have added my photography gear in storage baskets on the bottom shelf. And my Cricut supplies in another basket. I can wait to get matching storage bins and retake this photo!

There is ample storage and ways you can store your things on this rolling cart. See how I used to store it in my home office makeover post.

More Storage Solutions For The Home

I’ve been going room by room cleaning and organizing. I’m hoping to get more time outside as the weather warms up! Plus, being more productive (and focused) with my food photography and crafts.

Are you starting to spring clean? What types of storage solutions are you looking for?

Storage Solutions For The Home

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