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One pass technology Powerful suction Multi-cyclonic suction CLICK FOR PRICE Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dyson digital motor power Lightweight Great for hardwood CLICK FOR PRICE Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

Multi-filtration 16ft power cord 2 Nozzles CLICK FOR PRICE
When it comes to cleaning our homes, we all have a personal threshold for how much dirt we can put up with. Whether we’re clean freaks who vacuum 5 x times a day or busy family’s who are lucky to get the vacuum out once a week, we’re not going to judge!   We’re just here to help you decide which vacuum could fulfill your cleaning needs the most. These days the amount of different vacuum models out there is quite astonishing, we all need vacuums, but they’re not exactly the sort of product we would spend ages researching!

Having a good quality vacuum won’t make us suddenly love cleaning, but it can make the job a hell of a lot easier. We’ve been looking at the best 10 vacuums for stairs out there, pulling together their best and most worthy features – so you don’t have to go through the internet or trail around the shops yourself!
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If you owned a Bissell Cleanview you’d know, and everyone who saw your house would know too because with the Bissell’s OnePass technology the dirt will be gone in seconds.  The OnePass technology built into this Bissell powerfully sucks up all dirt! Any debris sitting on top of surfaces or any embedded dirt or hair will be gone in an instant, with the Bissell you’ll have the cleanest floors in your neighborhood.

And thanks to the powerful multi-cyclonic suction and multi-level filtration -  you don’t have to worry about any of the dirt escaping back into the house. The specially designed filtration systems trap all the dirt inside until you throw them away.

We love the XL large capacity of this vacuum as thanks to its 2L capacity this is great for large households.
Why We Like It One pass technology Powerful suction Multi-cyclonic suction Multi-level filtration Lightweight Weight 15.4 lb Capacity 2L Type Upright 2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

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This Dyson Cyclone V10 is a great ultralight stick vacuum with the power of any great engineered modern Dyson which makes the ideal vacuum for cleaning stairs. You’ll be able to lift this vacuum up and down the stairs with no effort at all thanks to its handy handheld setting.  You can change this vacuum into a handheld easily be detaching the stick and adding a different attachment.

You get 4 attachments with this Dyson, so you’ve got more than enough choice depending on witch corner of the stairs and surface you’re trying to get the dirt off.  No matter what the dirt problem, you’ll be able to fix it with this Dyson!

This Dyson V10 is amazing for any pet owner. Getting dog hair off any furniture and cat litter off your carpets in seconds!
Why We Like It Dyson digital motor power Lightweight Great for hardwood 40 minutes power 99% particles captured Weight 5.88 lb Capacity 0.77L Type Stick 3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

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The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a modern design handheld vacuum which packs a lot of power in a ready to go design. Unlike vacuums which are are a stick as well as a handheld, this model is always ready to go.  Featuring a flexible contour nozzle and a hard nozzle this Bissell well help you clean up any dirt or pet hair around the house quickly and efficiently. This model works so well because it offers super user-friendly design.  As it’s less than 4lbs heavy it has an easy access on/off switch and provides you with a comfortable easy to grip handle.

Not only is this vacuum a great model for stairs and corners thanks to it’s easy to maneuver handheld design - it also works fantastically on upholstery!
Why We Like It Multi-filtration 16ft power cord 2 Nozzles Lightweight Versatile Weight 3.1 lb Capacity 0.78L Type Handheld 4. Shark NV771 DuoClean Vacuum

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The Shark DuoClean is a great high-speed upright vacuum that enables you to clean your home efficiently and quickly. This vacuum is a dream thanks to its quick release canister and lift wand to make sure those hard-to-reach areas are easily cleaned.  Never again will you struggle to try to reach ceiling fans, corners of stairs or even blinds. What is also a great feature of this model is that it comes with LED lights and swivel steering.

The swivel feature easily guides your vacuum around tricky furniture which means that whenever you vacuum your home, you’ll barely have to lift a finger. And when you’re finished cleaning you’ll know because the DuoCleaning system of this shark will deep-clean any carpet thanks to its bristle brush power.

We loved that this Shark vacuum is great at trapping any dust thanks to it’s specially engineered filter and complete seal technology.
Why We Like It Compact Duo clean Anti-allergen Hepa filter Swivel steering Weight 13 lb Capacity Small Type Upright 5. Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum

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The Bissel 9595A CleanView is an awesome vacuum that makes your everyday cleaning the easiest job in the world. The Bissel combines a durable and sturdy lightweight design with a multi-cyclonic system and TurboBrush to help you with your daily chores.  So you’ll be able to easily vanish those dust balls right outta your home! It also comes with a large capacity dirt holder (1L) which even has an easy to empty one-press button system. And if it gets too dirty, you can easily wash your vacuum’s filter with their purpose built rinse-able pre-motor filter.

What we thought was a great about the Bissel, especially when it comes to using this vacuum on the stairs is its 25-foot power cord!
Why We Like It Fast Easy to use Cyclonic system TurboBrush Easy to empty Weight 18.25 lb Capacity 1L Type Upright 6. Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Vacuum

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When we say the Shark Rocket Corded Bagless Vacuum is ultra-lightweight, we really mean it. The super user-friendly stick design of this vacuum really helps keep it streamline and light, with the majority of the weight being held at the top where the dust bin capacity is.  This vacuum is the perfect handy go-to vacuum for stairs, cars and high ceilings, this is thanks to it’s easy to detach stick body making it a handheld vacuum instantaneously!

And with only a 10inch wide cleaning path and 25ft power cord you’ll be able to get right into the nitty-gritty dirty places of your home - where ever they may be.

Our favorite thing about this shark vacuum is that you can change the mode of the vacuum from carpet to hard floor really easily thanks to its fingertip controls.
Why We Like It Ultra-lightweight Car friendly Dual storage options Swivel steering Fingertip controls Weight 7.6 lb Capacity 0.2L Type Stick 7. Eureka Blaze Lightweight Stick Vacuum

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The Eureka Blaze will definitely help you blaze through your cleaning thanks to its 3-in-1 design and weight of 4lbs! You’ll be able to take this Eureka anywhere thanks to its swivel steering which makes maneuvering this vacuum an absolute dream.  You’ll also be able to pick up any form of debris, large and small particles due to its capture nozzle technology and it’s outstanding 2 amp motor. This makes this vacuum great for allergies as the 2 amp motor will pick up the smallest of particles even dust and pollen!

You’ll also be able to vacuum as long as you need to thanks to it’s XL dust cup which means you don’t have to make multiple trips to the trash can to empty this vacuum.

We loved that this vacuum never leaves any scratching on our wooden floors thanks to the rubber wheels!
Why We Like It 3in1 Swivel technology Capture nozzle 2 amp motor XL dust cup Weight 4 lb Capacity X Large Type Stick 8. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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It goes without saying that the Dyson Upright Vacuum cleaning is one of the best vacuums out there. This Dyson combines the strongest suction of any vacuum, alongside a self-adjusting cleaner head, radical root cyclone technology, hygienic bin emptying and an instant release wand.  The combination of all these great vacuum features makes it easy for you to deep clean any carpet, reach high up or low down under furniture, capture the most microscopic dust and be able to get rid of all this disgusting dirt in an instant with the push of just one button.

You’ll be able to clean up dirt like it’s going out of fashion and you never have to touch the dirt not once. This machine is also great for those with allergies, and it is even certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. You also get a 5-year warranty with this vacuum which covers all parts and labor.

We absolutely adored the tangle-free turbo tool that comes with this vacuum which makes it great for removing pet hair from carpets, curtains and furniture.
Why We Like It Strong suction Great for tough tasks Tangle-free cord HEPA filtration Hygienic bin empty Weight 23 lb Capacity 2.8L Type Upright 9. BLACK+DECKER HLVA325J10 Hand Vacuum

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We thought that the Black and Decker handheld vacuum was perfectly suited to those day to day cleaning tasks. This vacuum is lightweight and battery powered which enables you the freedom to roam about your home to where ever you find dirt.  All you need to do prior to cleaning is charge the vacuum on its wall-mounted battery charging bracket.  With the Black and Deckers ergonomic design, you’ll be able to handle this vacuum without out any discomfort and will never get fatigued in the hand.

This vacuum is also super simple to maintain, thanks to the clear bin design you’ll be able to see when the cup is full, and all you'll need to do is push a button to empty the dirt.

Everyone should own this vacuum it’s tiny and lightweight which means you’ll be able to fit it anywhere. And it’s also great for any mess we make in life as it can even suck up liquids
Why We Like It Handheld Lightweight Ergonomic design Wide mouth Removeable filters Weight 2.1 lb Capacity 0.37L Type Handheld 10. Eureka NEU182A Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The Eureka NEU182A is a brilliant upright vacuum that will help you clean the whole of your home from top to bottom. With its powerful multi-surface suction and five height adjustment settings, you’ll be able to take this vacuum from hardwood to rugs, tile and carpet.  This vacuum isn’t just great for the home you can also take it to the car thanks to the vacuum’s included accessories meaning you can dust, reach crevices and clean the upholstery. This vacuum is also super low maintenance thanks to its bagless design and simply clean washable filter!

We loved this vacuum because it was lightweight, cleaned well and was great for holding dust thanks to it’s XL capacity.
Why We Like It Powerful Multi-surface Vacuum accessories XL dust bin Low maintenance Weight 10 lb Capacity X Large Type Upright Vacuum for Stairs Buyer’s Guide Handheld vs. stick
We’ve mentioned both handheld and stick vacuums a lot in this article but how can you really know which one is right for you. There is, of course, no real right answer, but we’ll talk you through what we have found to be the best.  The vacuum market has really listened to consumers needs over the years. They’ve created the handheld vacuum and stick vacuums with multiple cleaning tools to help get the most cleaning help out of your vacuum.

If you’re looking to clean your floors a lot with your vacuum as well as your stairs you’re better off buying as a stick as opposed to a handheld vacuum. No one wants a bad back from trying to clean their home with a handheld vacuum.  Thankfully this is where the stick vacuums become very handy as they mean you’ll be able to use them on the floor and on the stars. If you’re looking to use a stick vacuum as your only vacuum, then you’d best look for one with the option to turn off the brushroll feature. As unfortunately, brushrolls on stick vacuums tend to scatter debris about or damage your hard floors.

If you’re thinking of using your new vacuum under any items of furniture in your home as well as the stairs, you are again better off picking a stick vacuum. A long wanded light stick vacuum is brilliant for sticking under the sofa or lifting up in the air.  The lightweight design (with the average being around 6-8 lbs.) of a stick vacuum means you’ll be able to lift and move them easily. One bonus feature of stick vacuums is that they’re also sometimes cord-free which means you can also take this vacuum to your garage and clean out your car.

On the other hand, if you are looking to clean objects and areas more than floors you’re best off picking a handheld vacuum. For example, hand vacuums usually come with loads of little extra tools and attachments which means you’ll be able to reach dirt you thought was staying under your car seat for the next decade.  But if you’re looking for a vacuum that does all of this, we would recommend a combination stick/handheld like the Dyson V10 which is great for both cars, upholstery, floors and stairs!
Upright Vacuums
Upright vacuums make great lightweight vacuums and help any household cleaning way less tiring than it used to be, they are the traditional and popular vacuum design. What’s great about upright vacuums is that they usually have a wider cleaning path than other vacuums, this is perfect for those thinking about using these vacuums on both floors and deep width stairs.  Upright vacuums are pretty darn efficient and clean any mess you’re likely to spill in your home! For example, any debris, spilled ashtrays or exploding cereal boxes will all be sucked up in an instant.

All in all, upright vacuums are essentially the go-to average household vacuum. If you don’t want a vacuum that comes with too many confusing accessories, this is the vacuum for you. If you’re struggling to pick a vacuum on a budget, you’re probably best buying an upright as they’re usually the cheapest.  However, there are some downsides when it comes to an upright vacuum. Some people do find these vacuums harder to use on stairs as they are usually quite heavy compared to their handheld and stick counterparts.

Upright vacuums are usually about 20lbs in weight, although this does make them fairly durable. Upright vacuums are also not as good for reaching and cleaning corners. Overall, upright vacuums can be great if you’re looking for a cheap classic overall vacuum, but if you’re needing something with more accessories or a lighter-weight, you may want to get a stick or a handheld.
How to best vacuum the Stairs?
This may sound like a very obvious instruction but experts have noted there is actually a way to best vacuum the stairs with the least amount of effort.  You should start at the bottom and work your way up.
How to Vacuum Carpeted Stairs?
When it comes to vacuuming areas that are carpeted, you definitely need to make sure you’ve got a good vacuum not only is this an incredibly laborsome task but it can also be quite dangerous if you don’t know how to do this properly.  Don’t worry though we get it, vacuuming stairs can be really awkward, there may be wires, tubes and a heavy hoover. Unfortunately, we all need to clean our stairs now and again, but with the right vacuum, you can make this chore a walk in the park.

We’ve also gathered some tips together to help you get this task over and done within the quickest and most efficient way possible. Firstly, we advise you pick up all stuff off the stairs before you start including anything hazardous to both yourself and the vacuum.  Secondly, if you have pets, you definitely need to make sure you’ve got a vacuum that’s suitable for picking up pet hair. In this instance, we advise a handheld vacuum with complimentary detachable accessories, as these will help you negotiate the stairs a lot easier and you’ll also be able to suck up all those pesky pet’s hairs or even for getting rid of long hair from human heads.

When it comes to vacuuming the stairs, our tactic is always start with the corners as these will be the areas that will attract the most dust and debris. For vacuum models that aren’t suited for stair cleaning, this will be a nightmare as they won’t be manufactured with cleaning such crevices in mind. Fortunately, all the vacuums in this article are perfect for reaching the corners. Once you’ve cleaned the corners, you should work your way up the stairs. If you’re still struggling to clean the stairs one of our favorite tips we’ve discovered during our research, is to change to a wider attachment.

If you switch to a wider brush attachment, you’ll be able to get more of the dirt on the main surface of the stair. To help to keep your stairs as easy to clean as possible, we recommend you clean your stairs at least every other day.
Expert Tip
If you’re just looking for a vacuum that you’re only going to use on stairs experts would definitely recommend using a hand-held model.

Did you know?
It was 1920 when an Ohio manufacturer started to make vacuum cleaners with disposable bags.   

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