Are you looking for a kitchen cleaning checklist? I am sharing a printable kitchen cleaning checklist that I made

There are three pages included two for the kitchen and one page with a blank cleaning checklist you can fill out any way you like. I’ve been trying to get everyone on the same page with hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing in our home and especially cleaning in the kitchen. It’s always been a priority for me to keep my kitchen cleaned and sanitized. And you should know how to keep the kitchen clean and food safe for preparing and cooking food. 

Besides our cooking resource, we’ll be sharing links to helpful kitchen cleaning and food safety information. I think this will be eye-opening to you in regards to keeping your kitchen clean and safe for preparing and cooking food. 
Kitchen Cleaning Checklist 
I used to hold a California State Board Food Safety certificate and having that knowledge under my belt has always been helpful when maintaining my home’s kitchen. I hope by sharing my knowledge and resources I put together you will gain helpful information for keeping your kitchen and home clean. The information will help you reduce the chances of spreading germs, help keep your kitchen clean and food safe for prepping food and cooking.

Below the list of kitchen tips is the kitchen checklist for cleaning. It is the free printable version of the information and I have also included an additional blank cleaning checklist for you, which you can add anything that needs cleaning onto the printable and check it off when done. I hope this helps you, your kids and teens or family maintain a happy, healthy household! 
The biggest kitchen tip I can give you is to make sure your hands are washed, and your prep surfaces cleaned and sanitized prior to preparing your food or cooking!  Kitchen Cleaning Tips  Wipe down things in the kitchen, that you might not think of wiping down and do it often.  Wipe down the kitchen faucet and handles.  Wipe down the outside of the refrigerator, and it’s door and freezer handles.  The water and ice dispenser area and lever on your fridge. When cleaning your fridge remember the bin pulls.  The keypad and knobs for your stove and oven.  Wipe down the hood range nobs and buttons. (along with changing out the filter when you can, as needed.) Dishwasher handles.  Cabinet doors and pulls.  Wash out garbage cans, line them when dry. If you have one with lids wipe down the lids. Light switches and remote controls for fans/lights.  Wash kitchen tables and islands often. I try to daily. Before and after eating or prepping… Wipe down tables with soap/water and then sanitizer wipes.  Wash any cloth placemats often. And Wash and sanitize placemats.  Reusable grocery bags! Wash them often!!  Wipe down counters prior to cooking with soap and water, then sanitizer. (especially if you unloaded the groceries) Take out the garbage and recycling reline the cans. Wash hands when done.  Wipe down appliances like coffee maker handles and lids, microwave handles and keypads, toaster ovens… Clean and sanitize the sink. When cooking clean as you go.  Wash dishes, pots and pans after meals. If you have a sanitizer on your dishwasher use it! Don’t forget to wipe down hard surfaces of chairs and high chairs and trays.  Clean sponges or replace them often.  If you have a kitchen door, wipe down the door area you push, pull or doorknobs. 
I know you may think this is a lot but, if you do this often, or on rotation, it will help you keep your kitchen clean and reduce the chances for germs.
Also, be sure to wash your hands after handling groceries and grocery bags before prepping your foods and cooking. Also when prepping raw meats you need to clean and sanitize the area or surface, and after you work with raw meat before prepping other foods.  Remember to clean your sponges/scrubbers or replace them often.  Wash kitchen hand towels often! I rotate mine out daily or as quickly as they are dirty. Common sense isn’t always common, especially with kids and teens. They need to be reminded.  Typically we love green products for cleaning but, during cold or flu outbreaks… it’s imperative to add bleach (or a bleach solution) and disinfecting wipes to your daily cleaning routines. We not only use them in the kitchen but, in the bathroom and as needed other places too.  Resources: (facts cleaning/disinfecting) (How to stay safe and healthy) Food And Kitchen Hygiene 4 Steps To Food Safety Keeping Food Safe In the Kitchen Cleaning The Germiest Home Items Sanitizing Solutions PDF 

Our favorite kitchen cleaning products right now Dishwashing liquid (review) + (dishwashing liquid dispenser) Spray bleach Sanitizer wipes (Clorox Disinfecting Wipes) Scrub Daddy (multi-surface)  DOWNLOAD OR PRINT THE FREE PRINTABLE KITCHEN CLEANING CHECKLIST


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Of course, if you are ready to go full-blown cleaning crazy or spring cleaning here are 29 things to make your kitchen cleaner than it’s ever been.
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