8 New Milwaukee Packout Workshop Storage Accessories

Milwaukee is expanding their Packout shop storage line with 8 new accessories, which can be mounted to Packout wall plates.

All of the new accessories will be launching in May 2023. Pricing information and details specs are not yet available.

Milwaukee Packout Compact Wall Basket (48-22-8342)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8342 Compact Wall Basket

The new basket looks to be a tall catch-all, with wide slots for visibility and ventilation.

Milwaukee Packout Magnetic Rack (48-22-8346)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8346 Magnetic Rack

The magnetic rack looks to be designed for quick-retrieval tool storage, such as for wrenches and screwdrivers.

Milwaukee Packout Large Magnetic Bin (48-22-8071)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8071 Large Magnetic Bin

The large magnetic tray looks to be a fastener catch-all. It’s hard to tell from just one image whether it’s designed for use on horizontal surfaces, vertical wall panels, or both. For wall-mounting, I would expected the bottom wall to be scooped upwards for better retention.

Milwaukee Packout Magnetic Bin (48-22-8070)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8070 Magnetic Bin

There will be a small magnetic bin as well.

Milwaukee Packout 7-Hook Rack (48-22-8329)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8329 7-Hook Rack

This two-cleat rack has 7 steel hooks for holding tools and accessories.

Milwaukee Packout 4-inch Single Hook (48-22-8328)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8328 4-inch Straight Hook

There’s also this single hook attachment, with a 4″ steel peg.

Milwaukee Packout Belt Clip Rack (48-22-8344)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8344 Belt Clip Rack

The belt clip rack seems like a good place to attach tape measures and other such tools for easy access.

Milwaukee Packout Long Handle Tool Holder (48-22-8348)

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8348 Long Handle Tool Holder

Lastly, there will be a single long handle tool holder, similar in function to the existing 3-tool holder that launched last year.

Milwaukee Packout Workshop Storage Lineup


Milwaukee launched their Packout workshop storage products in 2022.

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