28 Things You Can Make From Cereal Boxes

Want to know what cool things you can make from cereal boxes. If you want some upcycling projects, then check out this list. I have tons of cereal box crafts you can have fun making.

28 Things You Can Make From Cereal Boxes

Things You Can Make From Cereal Boxes | Upcycling Projects

My kids never fail to have cereal for breakfast. I’m really not complaining since it’s quick and nutritious and in just minutes, they’re ready for school. With that, I end up having tons of empty cereal boxes to deal with. If you know me, it’s in my list of things to never throw away. So with that in mind, I searched for upcycling and repurposing ideas for all of my cereal boxes. If you have the same dilemma, I’m sure you’ll have fun with this list of amazing things you can do with those cereal boxes. Let’s make it our next DIY craft project!


1. Magnetic Paper Bin


Never have papers scattered around the house with this easy upcycling idea. Get the instructions here.


2. DIY Magazine Holder

Got magazines lying around? Get them organized by making these pretty magazine holder from a cereal box. Customize the color and pattern to however you like. Check it out here.


3. Cereal Gift Box

Why buy gift boxes when you have a lot of cereal boxes in the house. Get the tutorial here.


4. Cereal Box Monster Jaws


Now here’s a fun kids craft you can have your kids make. You’ll be surprised at how simple and cool this craft project is. Get the steps here.


5. Cereal Box Guitars

Want to make your kid an instant rock star? Then hurry up and help them make their own guitars! Get the tutorial here.


6. Giant Airmail Envelope

Does your kid need to mail something out? Make it more fun with this giant DIY envelope. Get the instructions here.


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7. Cereal Mail Box

Since you made a giant airmail envelope, why not make this DIY mail box too? Get the steps here.


8. Marquee Light


Have you ever considered making a marquee light with a cereal box? It’s the perfect room decor you can make in a budget! Get the tutorial here.


9. Foldable Doll’s House

Want to make a cereal box project with your little girl? This is something she’ll surely enjoy. Check it out here.


10. DIY Faux Bois Notebook

You’ll love this false wood design notebook you can make with a cereal box. Make it your journal or a cool scrapbook. Get the instructions here.


11. DIY Cereal Box Embossing

Start embossing your folders for a personalized touch. I’m sure you’ll have an A+ for creativity! Check it out here.


12. DIY Upcycled Heart Charms

I don’t know about you but there’s just something about heart-shaped jewelry that draws me to make it. Get the steps here.


13. Cereal Box Puzzle

A simple activity you can make with younger kids anytime. Just grab a cereal box and some scissors and start making your own cereal box puzzle. See it here.


14. Cereal Box Robot

Start teaching your kids upcycling at an early age by showing them what cool toys they can make from repurposed items. Check it out here.


15. 3-D Cardboard Star

Need another DIY room decor? The distressed look adds a vintage feel to it. See how you can make one here.


16. Cereal Box Gift Tags

Make your gifts extra special by adding these DIY gift tags. You’ll just need a cereal box, printed paper and some mod podge. Check the tutorial here.


17. DIY Inspiration Board Organizer


Get the inspiration you need for any project with this DIY inspiration board. It’s also a fun way to get organized. Get the steps here.


18. Superhero Party Cereal Box Costume


Planning your kid’s birthday party? Make it a superhero theme with these easy to make DIY masks. Get the instructions here.


19. Cereal Box Puppet Theater

Want to make a cereal box craft that will make your kids an awesome story teller? Get the steps here.


20. DIY Paper Beads


Want to teach your kids how to make DIY jewelry? Here’s a great craft project to start them off with. Get the tutorial here.


21. Cereal Box Lamp

This is not your ordinary lighting project. Can you believe you can make a DIY lamp from cereal boxes. You’ll be needing some push pins for this. See it here.


22. Industrial Decorative Spheres

It’s hard to tell that these DIY decorations were made out of cereal boxes. Get the tutorial here.


23. Cereal Box Mini Golf


You may have played mini golf but this is different. It would probably be more appropriate to call this micro golf. Check it out here.


24. Sunburst Mirror

Decorate your plain mirror by cutting and gluing some cut pieces of a cereal box. Ingenious! Get the steps here.


25. Contact Paper and Used Boxes Wall Art

You can turn almost anything into wall art. Can you tell these were old cereal boxes? Get the instructions here.


26. DIY Ribbon-Tie Vanity Basket


Make a DIY vanity basket to keep your perfume and other stuff organized. Don’t forget the flower! Check it out here.


27. Yarn-Wrapped Letter


This tutorial made a decor with the letter “S” but feel free to make any letter that you like. Get the tutorial here.


28. DIY Cereal Box Drawer Divider

It will be almost impossible to get a drawer organized without dividers. Good thing you have some empty cereal boxes. Check it out here.


Want to know how you can organize with your cereal boxes? Check out this video from Gurl.com for more ideas:


Which DIY project will you try with your cereal boxes? Let us know below in the comments! 

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