20 Affordable Alternatives to the Rimowa Suitcase

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Frequent travelers know all about luggage frustrations. Cheap suitcases rip, jam and even split down the middle. When you’re living out of your bag, having it damaged or lost by an airline is the last thing you need. That’s why so many business travelers choose to invest in arguably the best luggage on the market, the Rimowa suitcase. Thankfully, if you don’t happen to have $1,000+ to drop on your luggage, there’s also plenty of great Rimowa suitcase alternatives. But before we check those out, let’s take a look at how the Rimowa suitcase earned its top dog status in the first place.

Rimowa is a German company specializing in high-end, anodized aluminum suitcases. These rolling cases often cost $1,000 or more, but they are still incredibly popular thanks to their impressive durability and eye-catching style. Celebs, such as Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Aaron Paul and Elle Fanning, have been spotted toting Rimowa suitcases. And, this high-end luggage brand previously called upon the likes of Rhianna and Patti Smith for a fashion campaign, which is something we can’t imagine Samsonite or AmazonBasics doing.

Is Buying a Rimowa Worth It?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how the Rimowa suitcase justifies its hefty price tag, and what it is exactly that sets these suitcases apart from the best Rimowa competitors. Ultimately, we’d say it comes down to the company’s high quality and design. These pieces of luggage are made with total precision and the best materials. They also boast a range of noteworthy features. These include:

  • Appearance – It’s arguable that Rimowa suitcases have the most iconic appearance in the entire luggage world. The sleek aluminum finish and signature grooves make them recognizable across the airport terminal. Plus, they instantly associate the user with quality, wealth and style.
  • Lock – You won’t find a Rimowa suitcase without a TSA-approved lock. This is great for frequent fliers, as they’re a security measure recognized by airports across the USA.
  • Wheels – Rimowa suitcases have four patented Multi Wheels to allow for easy movement in all directions. These wheels make it possible to smoothly guide your suitcase by your side when it’s stood up straight or when you tilt it slightly forward to follow behind you.
  • Organization – Inside a Rimowa suitcase, you’ll find organizational features, such as compression straps for packing in all your required garments as well as zipped pockets for separating your valuables. These suitcases also feature a patented Flex-Divider system, which is unique to the brand and useful for staying organized on the road.
  • Weight – The aluminum construction of a Rimowa suitcase makes it both lightweight and highly durable. The smaller of these bags are ideal as hand luggage, as you can pick them up using the attached side or top handles while your belongings stay protected inside the hard casing. Equally, you can feel confident knowing your belongings are protected when opting for one of the larger models and checking it into the hold.
  • Durability – Another key thing about the iconic Rimowa suitcases is the airplane-sleek aluminum lasts for years without giving out. Plus, the multi-wheel system rarely jams, and the telescopic handle remains smooth, even after miles of use. These tough cases are made to last for decades.

So what is better than Rimowa? In short, not much. So if you’ve got the cash to splash, we’re confident you’ll be happy spending your hard-earned money on this tried-and-trusted luggage brand. Their top-of-the-pile standing is also why many companies have been inspired by the Rimowa case and used the design to come up with their very own luggage which is similar to Rimowa, both in carry-on and check-in forms.

If you want to take a closer look at this impressive luggage option, check out the Rimowa Original Cabin below.

rimowa suitcase alternatives


Rimowa Original Cabin

Alternatively, if a price tag over $1,000 is a little bit outside of your budget, it’s time to talk about the best Rimowa alternatives. After all, some of the best Rimowa suitcase dupes can actually be hard to tell apart from the pricey industry leader. And similarly, when it comes to function, a Rimowa luggage dupe often provides a comparable user experience.

Below you’ll find our top 20 picks for the best Rimowa suitcase alternatives. We’ve included Rimowa-like carry-ons and check-ins, as well as options for both low and high (sub-$1,000) budgets. Read on to find the right case for you.

rimowa suitcase alternatives amazon basics


1. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

Inexpensive yet well-made, the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage fulfills your travel needs. The 20-inch size is ideal for weekend getaways or as a carry-on suitcase for international flights. The lined interior boasts three zippered pockets and is expandable up to 15%. Plus, the bag features a telescopic handle and four multi-directional spinner wheels.

rimowa suitcase alternatives coolife luggage


2. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase

While it isn’t made from metal like the Rimowa, this Coolife case is about a tenth of the price and still boasts a metallic exterior. Plus, you can increase the capacity of the Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase by 15 percent when you unzip its otherwise hidden strip of extra material. Although this case is available in 20-inch carry-on size and a slightly larger 24-inch version, it’s only this 28-inch suitcase that has the capability to expand. Inside the case’s spacious interior, you’ll find two fully lined compartments with additional mesh pockets for organization. If you’re one for getting carried away with shopping on vacation, then this suitcase is a great choice for you.

rimowa suitcase alternatives level8 luminous


3. LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Carry-On Luggage

Although the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Carry-On Luggage isn’t made from metal, its polycarbonate construction still makes it extremely durable. Plus, it’s less likely to show scratches and marks than a traditional metal suitcase would. This textured suitcase is available in five different colors to suit all styles as well as two different sizes, one of which is sized to be a carry-on. You can also order both sizes as a two-piece set, which is ideal for vacation.

rimowa suitcase alternatives the bigger carry on


4. Away The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition

Just like Rimowa, Away is a manufacturer in which you can trust. This Away The Bigger Carry-On has a durable aluminum shell and offers 40.9 liters of storage space inside, giving users enough room for six to nine outfits. The design also includes dual, TSA-approved locks, a hidden laundry bag and four 360-degree wheels for security, convenience and a smooth ride. This popular bag also comes in either silver, black or rose gold and can be purchased with an ejectable USB charger or added personalization. Away is offering a bundle with The Large for $1,360, which knocks $50 off the price of The Large by itself.

rimowa suitcase alternatives level 8 grace carry on


5. LEVEL8 Grace Carry On Luggage

By including a smaller compartment in the front of the case, the LEVEL8 Grace Carry On Luggage can offer faster access to essential items, such as laptops, passports or travel documents. In the suitcase’s central compartment, there’s a zipper divider, a mesh bag and tie-down straps which help you manage up to four day’s worth of clothing which can fit inside. Additionally, a locking telescopic handle, a three-dial combination lock and reinforcing on the top, side and corners make this luggage piece well suited to all kinds of journeys.

rimowa suitcase alternatives american tourister


6. American Tourister Moonlight Hardside Expandable Luggage

American Tourister is well known for its high-quality products at a fair price, and this Moonlight Hardside Expandable Luggage is a fine example of these traits. The 21-inch case is ideal for city breaks or multi-day trips and includes the ability to expand by 1.5 inches should more storage space be required. Four multidirectional, oversized wheels ensure the case rolls easily and smoothly across floors. In addition, push-button, locking handles and a 10-year warranty against defects round out this solid carry-on option.

rimowa suitcase alternatives kenneth cole


7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade

With its aluminum frame and tough ABS exterior, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade is ready to take on even the toughest adventures. The case’s rigid design helps minimize the appearance of scratches that occur naturally over time. This luggage case is available in a wide variety of colors, but we recommend the silver version if you’re trying to imitate a Rimowa suitcase. Plus, this luggage features a retractable push-button handle, making it easy to transition from pulling it behind to storing it in the overhead bin in one smooth motion. The prices vary depending on color — the Scarlet Red model goes for $225.00, but the silver model is now running under $100.

rimowa suitcase alternatives mvst trek


8. MVST Trek Aluminum Suitcase

This MVST Trek Aluminum Suitcase is a great option if you’re worried about careless baggage handlers. The aluminum-magnesium alloy shell is near-unbreakable and includes reinforced corners to further protect everything inside. For faster closing, the suitcase features a zipper-less closure, while dual TSA-approved combination locks ensure no unwanted parties can enter. Additionally, the case has 360-degree spinner wheels which can be removed if space is at a premium.

rimowa suitcase alternatives samsonite silhouette


9. Samsonite Silhouette Hardside Luggage Collection

If you’re looking for a set made up of several Rimowa alternative-worthy pieces, consider this Samsonite Silhouette Hardside Luggage Collection, which just went on sale at Macy’s at a steep discount as a set or as single pieces. The set includes a 21, a 25 and a 29-inch suitcase. Each of the pieces features a tough exterior and also includes a FlexPack system for easier in-bag organization. GT Rev wheels and adjustable handles further aid user comfort. Furthermore, the set also comes in black or French blue if silver isn’t to your liking.

rimowa suitcase alternatives coolife


10. Coolife Luggage Aluminum Frame Suitcase

The Coolife Luggage Aluminum Frame Suitcase is again almost identical in appearance to the Rimowa and the Newest Trolley Luggage. The main difference is that this suitcase boasts a brushed finish on the PC material, which makes it look less shiny and more matte than the Rimowa. Another nice feature is the protective bumper corners, which protect this suitcase from denting easily. The Coolife Luggage is available in three different sizes from carry-on to giant.

rimowa suitcase alternatives delsey paris


11. DELSEY Paris Titanium Hardside Expandable Luggage

Built with the business traveler in mind, the Delsey Paris Titanium Hardside Expandable Luggage is both fashionable and functional. The polycarbonate shell is complemented by four double spinner wheels, and the handle features a one-button locking system for ease of use. In addition, this luggage features a modern, TSA-approved, recessed lock. But the best part of this bag is its compact size and quality metallic finish that give it a super chic appearance.

rimowa suitcase alternatives samsonite centric


12. Samsonite Centric Expandable Hardside Carry-On

Samsonite is a huge name in luggage, and it could be argued that their Centric Expandable Hardside Carry On is excellent value for the money. The bag is built from a lightweight yet durable polycarbonate material and has been given a stylish twill exterior to prevent scuffs and scratches. In addition, the roomy shell design can be expanded up to one inch, and the smooth-rolling wheels make dragging this bag actually enjoyable. Overall, this Samsonite luggage is a safe bet for frequent fliers.

rimowa suitcase alternatives swissgear hardside


13. SWISSGEAR Hardside Suitcase

The SWISSGEAR 28-Inch Hardside Suitcase is probably the closest thing to a Rimowa at under $200. The exterior boasts the same groves and silver, metallic exterior as the pricey Rimowa, but it also goes above and beyond with eight spinning wheels, a dual-locking, retractable handle and wrapped grab handles for easy carrying when it’s not relying on the smooth wheels. Furthermore, the polycarbonate case is expandable, allowing you to pack all those extra souvenirs when you return from your vacation.

rimowa suitcase alternatives newbee fashion


14. Newbee Fashion Cloud 9 Aluminum Hard Case

By sporting two built-in TSA-approved locks, you can be sure that the Newbee Fashion Cloud 9 Aluminum Hard Case is going to keep your belongings secure. The case itself is made from 100% Aviation Series 5 Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy, which gives it a lightweight and durable build quality. The inside of the case has been fully lined, while multi-use organizational pockets make the task of packing much easier than with standard, open-space luggage options. Additionally, if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, this case is available in an attractive champagne color which gives it a gold-like appearance.

rimowa suitcase alternatives samsonite winfield


15. Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Luggage

With eight different options to choose from, you can be confident that the Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Luggage is available in a color you’ll love. It’s constructed from a tough and durable polycarbonate that can withstand the rigors of regular travel and resist scratches along the way, too. This smart luggage option includes a 1.5-inch expansion which is ideal for travelers who love to pick up souvenirs on their travels. Inside the case, you’ll find two sets of adjustable braces for holding your clothes in place as well as a central wall with zippered pockets for smaller items. The color range also means a price range, with the black and graphite grey models currently priced lowest.

rimowa suitcase alternatives yuemai aluminum


16. YUEMAI Aluminum Alloy Luggage Hard Shell Carry-On

From the very first time you set eyes on the YUEMAI Aluminium Alloy Luggage Hard Shell, you’ll see that it’s built to last. Looking a little more like a tank than a suitcase, this aluminum alloy case will hold strong throughout your travels. It comes in a classic silver color similar to that of a real Rimowa, and it sports a handy, keyless, TSA-approved lock built into the case. The aviation quality of the aluminum, the double bearing spinner wheels and the step-less shift lever add to the durability of this case.

rimowa suitcase alternatives travelking


17. Travelking Aluminum Luggage Carry-On Suitcase

Coming in a choice of gray or silver, the Travelking Aluminum Luggage Carry-On Suitcase ticks all the boxes for a durable and reliable carry-on suitcase. Its attractive appearance is also very easy to pick out from a crowd. The sturdy design includes an all-aluminum construction with extra reinforcement around the corners and an alloy bumper. It boasts a 50-liter capacity which is ideal for weekends and short stays away. Furthermore, for near-unbeatable comfort through the airport, the dual-blade rubberized spinner wheels are exceptionally quiet, while the three-step handle sits at whichever height suits you best.

rimowa suitcase alternatives monos carry on


18. Monos Carry-On Pro Plus

With about 200 existing customers awarding the Monos Carry-On Pro Plus five out of five stars, you can feel confident in this suitcase as the best alternative to a real Rimowa. Plus, while it’s still one of the more expensive bags on our list, it’s still a fraction of the cost of the real deal. This solution to traveling in style is available in a wide variety of colors, including two attractive special edition designs. You’ll also find that Monos makes their suitcases with the same attention to detail as a Rimowa, which is why this newer suitcase brand has a growing popularity and a sparkling reputation.

rimowa suitcase alternatives tumi


19. Tumi Aluminum International Expandable Spinner

Tumi is one of the hottest names in luggage at the moment. They make quality cases that can last a lifetime, much like a real Rimowa. However, a Tumi case is about half the price of the $1000+ bags. This attractive bag is made from durable aluminum and comes in three muted colors. The case itself is expandable thanks to the brand’s Lever Lock System, and it comes fitted with a TSA-approved combination lock to keep your belongings safe throughout your journey.

rimowa suitcase alternatives the jaunt


20. The Jaunt by Roam

Roam is another newcomer to the luggage industry, but the brand is quickly making a name for itself thanks to its lightweight, feature-heavy bags. The Jaunt weighs just 7.3 pounds, making it one of the lightest on our list. It’s also one of the most waterproof, thanks to its water-repellent zipper and water-resistant fabric lining. Other features include a telescoping handle with four height settings, smooth ball bearing wheels and a TSA-approved combination lock. And while it doesn’t feature the aluminum, grooved exterior that makes the Rimowa famous, the dual-color appearance of this Roam case is equally as attractive.