11 Cleaning Hacks That Save Parents Tons of Time

Storage bins are your new best friend

We’ve all been there. Staring down a pile of laundry or an entire bin of toys on the ground and thought, do these chores really matter? If we’re being honest, when considering all the things we balance as parents, cleaning the house usually falls somewhere toward the bottom of the must-do list. And for good reason. After all, there are other (more important) things that usually take precedence: work, feeding a family, getting kids to school, and somewhere in there—finding time for self-care. But, eventually, you’re going to need to tackle that fridge or make a clean sweep of the place before guests arrive. The good news is, there are plenty of shortcuts and cleaning hacks you can use to tackle both the little and the big jobs, which leaves you more time for the things that really matter—like bedtime stories, family dinners, or a good Netflix binge-session.

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1. Decide what to clean in the first place

Before you check out all these cleaning hacks, take an honest look at your bandwidth and decide what you can do and when. If you can do one or two small things a day, nothing every piles up, which makes your house look more tidy overall.

2. Use an oven-cleaning hack that doesn’t take hours

It’s everyone’s least favorite chore if it even ever gets done. Forget about using the self-cleaning option and go old-school with baking soda, a sponge, and real citrus.

2. Consider buying baskets for every room

Need to clean up in a jiff? Using creative storage solutions is an absolute must. Make sure you have a basket or bin in each room to throw everything in before housekeeping or a surprise visit from grandparents. When the basket is full, it’s time to put everything away. When you’re on the hunt for a special item and can’t find it, it’s time to dump out the basket, find your treasure, and put everything away. Plus, with so many styles and colors, it’s a total design hack, too!

3. Try a ceiling fan cleaning hack that really works

Instead of using paper towels or a Swiffer (dust will get everywhere), use an old pillowcase. The dust will be captured inside!

4. Embrace a solution for how to dry sheets the first time

a cleaning hack for how to dry sheets


This little device is of those things that’ll make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It helps prevent the dreaded rolled and wadded mess of half-dried sheets that lead to multiple cycles in the dryer and inevitably waste energy (and valuable time). Just clip the corners of your sheet into the Wad-Free before you wash and dry. Get a 2-pack on Amazon for $20.

5. Check out air fryer cleaning hack that’s safe

If you love your air fryer as much as we love ours, it’s probably time to talk about how often you actually clean it out. While you should be cleaning the basket every time, there are a few deep-cleaning tricks you should try every few months too.

6. Use this genius cleaning hack to get glitter off tables, floors, and just about anywhere else

a cleaning hack for how to clean up glitter
Gabby Cullen


The kids are dying to pull out the art supplies and go wild making you a masterpiece for the fridge. But, who can stand the glitter that inevitably ends up everywhere, forever? Pull out a lint roller and use it after they’re done being creative, you’ll be amazed at how much of the sparkly stuff you’ll be able to clean up.

7. Keep your supplies where you need them

Whether you’re trying to get your kids to do their chores or just want to make cleaning easier for yourself, Joyful Homemaking has an amazing idea. Create your very own chore baskets with plastic shower caddies—one basket for each room with a list of items that go in each basket.

8. Use toothpaste to clean in a pinch

using toothpaste is a smart cleaning hack


Plain white toothpaste includes baking soda, which is a common household cleaning supply. You can use toothpaste to clean jewelry, polish bathroom fixtures, get rid of kitchen odors, and much more.

9. Figure out which tools you need to really clean that fridge

Queen of Clean Vanessa Amaro gives you the low-down on everything you’ll need to get your fridge REALLY clean. Here’s a hint: grab a toothbrush!

10. Use lemon on everything

It’s a miracle cleaning solution that you probably already have! Use it to clean that oven, descale an electric kettle, put half in your dishwasher to cut grease, and so much more.

11. Clean plastic toys in the washing machine

Gabby Cullen


Whether covered in sticky residue from your own kid or if you’re giving a secondhand set a fresh start, plastic blocks clean right up when sent through the wash. Be sure to add items like towels or sheets to prevent banging during the cycle.