10 Uses for Old Socks

10 Uses for Old Socks

Looking for uses for old socks? What if I were to tell you to stop throwing away your old worn-out socks that had holes in them or the elastic tops can’t keep them up? You’d probably think I was missing some brain cells and I wouldn’t blame you. But, besides the worn-out ones, what in the world are you supposed to do with the socks that turn up solo? 

10 Uses for Old Socks

​How to Repurpose Old Socks 

I ain’t gonna lie. I’ve always been one to kick them to the curb in these situations, but what I’ve recently discovered is that your old socks can still serve other purposes. Some of them that I have mentioned below are actually very clever. So stick with me and find out several uses for old socks and why you should stop throwing them away.

1. Rags

One of the most obvious uses that you can get out of old socks, is that they can be used as cleaning rags. Simply put your hand inside and you can use it for dusting or cleaning off countertop space. Or you could also take some scissors and cut from the top down to the toe if you prefer a traditional-style rag.   

2. Heating Pads

The next time that you have a sore back or neck, consider using a sock to help alleviate the pain. All you need to do is add rice to one of your mismatched socks and then tie up the end. Place it in the microwave for a minute or two, or until it becomes hot. You can directly apply it to the affected area or place it between the sheets of your bed so that you have a homemade bed warmer.  

3. Back Massager

Who doesn’t need a good back massage every now and then? All you need for this fabulous idea is a couple of tennis balls that are put inside a tied-up sock. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but you’ll be amazed at how good it feels! Rub the sock with the tennis balls gently over the sore area and see how well they work.

4. Protecting Your Valuables

If you have any delicate items that need to be safely stored away, such as jewelry, scarves, or even a few of your favorite watches or coins, then the answer lies in an old sock. Put all of the items inside and tie off the end with a ribbon for extra precaution. If you’re concerned that one piece may scratch another, consider putting them in a separate sock or in a smaller sock you place along with the items. This will ensure that everything is kept safe from dirt and dust while not taking up too much space.

And another reason to place your small valuables there is that no ordinary thief is going to think to look for your valuables inside the tube of a sock.  Sneaky Places to Hide Your Valuables

5. Hair Ties

For ladies with longer hair (and certain gentleman), you can never have too many hair ties.  Am I right? Just cut straight across the tube of the sock several times and you’ll be rewarded with several new hair ties. And if you’re looking for a way to store them all in one place, then an old sock is the perfect solution. Just cut off the top and use it as a makeshift pouch. You’ll be able to easily grab your ponytail holder when you need it and won’t have to worry about losing any of them ever again!

6. Knitting Projects

This one might be more of a stretch, but if you have some free time on your hands and a little bit of enthusiasm for DIY projects, then you can use old socks to create unique pieces. All you need is yarn and the right needles, and you’ll be able to turn any sock into a fashionable beanie or even an infinity scarf.

If you love sewing, use your imagination and create some fun and colorful items all your friends will envy. It can become a fun craft hobby with gifts as one of your goals. People have made beautiful quilts from scraps of cloth, so why not something similar with socks? Get your kids involved for a unique family activity.

7. Say Goodbye to Slippery Soap

Do you sometimes have a hard time holding on to the bar of soap when you’re in the shower? Never again! Just place your soap in an old sock and it should lather up nicely for you without you having to worry about dropping it. Castile Soap: 13 Reasons Why You Need It One of your smaller socks should do the trick. The type of fabric may determine how well it lathers up and how it feels against your skin, particularly in those “sensitive” areas. Be willing to try different types of fabric to see what works best.

8. Pet Toys

Most of you pet owners out there probably have already figured this out. Pets love playing with old socks, especially dogs. But for those of you with cats, you can make a great cat toy by stuffing a sock with catnip or other goodies that they enjoy and then tying off the opening. Your pup will chew on a sock just because, but you can also add various items that make noises that will entertain them for many hours on end. What to do With Your Pets in an Emergency

9. Dog Sweater

If you own a smaller dog, you could always take a large sock and turn it into a doggie sweater for them to use when it’s cold outside. You’ll just need to cut a few small holes in the right spot for their legs and head to fit through. 

10. Make Sock Puppets

For those of you with smaller children, consider using some of your old socks to make sock puppets with them. This can be a whole lot of fun, especially when they’re the ones putting on the show. For this project, all you need is some yarn that can be used for hair, and googly eyes that can be found at places like the dollar store or any craft shop. 

Other Brilliant Uses for Unwanted Socks

  • Arm warmers
  • Bean bags
  • Ice pack cover
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Baby socks
  • Pin cushion
  • Place valuables in the cuffs of the socks 
  • Shoe protectors 
  • Wrist rest 
  • Dry eraser boards cleaner 
  • Rub some cream on sore muscles
  • Spread lotion on dry skin
  • Use to spread show polish or as a cloth to buff the shoes
  • Use large socks as knee pads in the garden or wrap your knees or other body areas with ointment when sore

Creative Uses for Those Socks

Recognize in most cases you’ll need to use a needle and some thread on the cut-off socks to keep them from shredding.

  • A fun DIY project is to cut the toes off the socks and make some colorful and fancy potpourri sachets for your drawers or closet.
  • Cut off the toes and make some small covers for those soda cans or glass bottles that leave moisture marks on your coffee table.
  • Use some thin linen socks to wipe down your work area, including keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and possibly the monitor.
  • Use them to clean your blinds by attaching them to a ruler, long pencil, or wooden stick and wiping down the blinds.
  • If you keep losing your puzzle pieces, the next time you’re finished putting the puzzle together, place all the pieces in a large sock.
  • Take some of your larger socks and cut off the toes so you can pull up the socks as leg warmers in cold weather.
  • Make some of the warmer socks, like those old wool ones, and make hand and arm warmers. Dry hands are usually warm hands in winter.
  • Have some fun and make some bean bags you can use to make your own cornhole game.
  • Keep those inside car windows from fogging up by putting cat litter in a sock, tying off the sock, and then placing it on your dashboard.

What kind of socks can I use?

Single socks, a clean sock, a dirty sock, a new pair of socks, holey socks, chenille socks, lonely socks, old mismatched socks, clean old sock, top of the sock, high socks, tube socks, old wool socks, the toe of the sock. Or any other type of sock or part of the sock you want to use! 

Can I use my old socks to clean car windows?

More Ways to Use Items

Final Word 

 As you can see, there are several uses for old socks instead of throwing them out. Not only are these ideas quite clever and entertaining but they will also help you make better use of the items that you already have in your home. So the next time you’re tempted to toss those old socks into the trash bin, think again and try one of these nifty repurposing ideas after you’ve run them through the laundry with some fabric softener. Can you think of any other interesting ways to use old worn-out socks? Using those missing socks for a better method is going to work to your advantage. May God Bless this world, Linda

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