Eisco Labs Complete Optical Bench and Attachment Set, with 20 Lab Activities

Eisco Labs Complete Optical Bench and Attachment Set, with 20 Lab Activities

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  • 40 Piece optical bench set
  • 80 Page user and activity manual
  • Extruded aluminum optics bench
  • Durable ABS plastic optical brackets
  • Storage bin with foam cutouts for optics included - Note: Power Supply is Not Included

This is a fully comprehensive optical bench and kit relevant to an entire year of optical course work. Note: Power Supply is not included. Some of the labs included with this kit are:


Angle of Reflection Using a Plane Mirror

Refraction of Different Shaped Prisms

Refraction (Snell's Law)

Index of Refraction

Dispersion of Light (Rainbows)

Dispersion of Infrared Light

Mixing Colors

Blocking Colors in a Prism Using Filters

Study of Concave Mirrors

Study of Convex Mirrors

Study of Convex Lenses (Ray Diagrams)

Study of Concave Lenses (Ray Diagrams)

Finding the Focal Point of an Unknown Lens

Magnifying Glasses

How the Eye Works

How Glasses Work in Farsighted Vision

How Glasses Work in Nearsighted Vision

How a Movie Projector Works

Projecting Fire

Storage Bin

The full contents of the kit are as follows:

1 Optical Bench

2 Optical Bench Feet

(5) Sliding Optics Component Holders

1 Green Filter

1 Red Filter

1 Pin Hole Filter

1 City Picture

1 Large Pin Hole Filter

1 Lab with Stand

1 Adjustable Lens

1 9cm Square plane mirror

1 9cm square clear plastic plate

1 Circular Table with Protractor

1 Rectangle Reflecting Block

1 Semicircle reflecting block

1 Right Triangle reflecting block

1 Concave Lens

1 Convex Lens

1 25mm Equilateral prism

1 Black Square Stand

1 Votive Candle

1 Clip Plane Holder

1 Single Slit Slide

1 5 Slit Slide

1 Adjustable about concave mirror

1 Adjustable Convex Mirror

1 Semicircular dish

1 Wire Screen

1 Mounted Convex Lens

1 Mounted Concave Lens

1 Flad Condenser

2 Slide Holder