Multifunctional Refrigerator Sliding Drawer

Multifunctional Refrigerator Sliding Drawer

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Add more storage to your refrigerator while keeping your goods neatly organized with the Multifunctional Refrigerator Sliding Drawer.






Multifunctional Refrigerator Sliding Drawer is a space buster for your fridge with clip-on arms that fit over the edge of your refrigerator shelf which allows you to make use of that wasted space right under the shelf. Its sliding design makes it easier to put and take things off it.

This storage bin is just 17x15.5x7cm but it is big enough to store small-sized fruits, vegetables, cheese slices, and small snack packs. Made of BPA-free material making it safe to use for your food, this device also comes with holes at the bottom of the container for added ventilation and to drain water effortlessly.

Now your fridge doesn't need to be an awful mess and just imagine how much time you are able to save from unnecessarily having to rummage through the entire refrigerator whenever one of the kids is having a snack attack is definitely priceless!


  • It maximizes kitchen space by adding more space to your refrigerator
  • Organizes fridge, freezer, or pantry shelves for easy access
  • It comes with a sliding design to easily put and take things off
  • It can also be used to organize your desk
  • Made of eco-friendly and durable material
  • It has a stylish appearance with holes at the bottom for ventilation and easy drainage


  • Material: Premium PE
  • Size: 17x15.5x7cm

Package Content:

1pc - Multifunctional Refrigerator Sliding Drawer